I was at Downtown East yesterday evening... and look what I found.... comfy faded denim shorts ($22), and all 3 underwear for just $10! I think the pink Cherry one is the cutest... but I do like little red boy shorts/boxers for home, and the balck and white stipe one I plan to wear as a bikini bottom. It's pretty much like swimsuit material, and I need a thong bikini [for Spain next month :) ] But I can't seem to buy one here. So I reckon this would match a black or white bikini top.

Meanwhile, my charm collection on my bracelet has been growing. I have : 15 Charms on now. :)

Getting really heavy... but I don't think I'm stopping any time soon...


  1. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Where did you buy the underwear from? I want them too! So cute! =)


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