Short Skirts and Thunderstorms!

Went to Villa Bali (at Gillman Village) for dinner. And although it's been there for 5 years or something... this was my first time there. I'm impressed with the setting of the outdoor seating area. Not only is it massive and spacious, but it's done up so nicely, green and fresh jungle atmosphere complete with little streams!We got a Platter at $40 and it had rice, chicken, mince pork, prawns, soft-shell crab, fish. Great value. And it was more than enough for the both of us. I used my ettusais Medicated Acne Whitening UV Ex (dry block) make up base and I'm so pleased with it! It really brightens my complexion. (always out in the sun and my skin can appear real dull because it's so tanned)
My dress is from annyee. Love it! It has such a flirty little tartan skirt... (too short?)

Had a poke around Forever21 at Vivocity midweek.
Here's me wondering why Mark is grinning while snapping this picture. I only realised why, after I looked at the pic. Haha.. very funny Mark.
Shitty thing is - this store always bloody runs out of small sizes! It's like the bulk of their stock is ordered for giants! Why Forever21... don't you order more petite sizes???? Clothes size 10 and above are obviously not flying off your racks in Singapore!
After I finally got showered and ready for our usual gym session... "we" decide to take a walk/jog to the Botanical Gardens instead! If you don't know already, I absolutely HATE running/jogging. It's just too much hard work.At least the weather was nice (or so I thought)...
We even stopped for a quick bite and my favourite drink..... 100plus. (This drink practically saved my life when I caddied for the first time in my life for my Ex bf.. 18holes without a buggy!!!)

The Gardens was pretty empty for a Sunday afternoon. And just when we were in the middle of like nowhere... it started pissing. We got soooo soaked. And the camera in his pocket wouldn't work anymore. That's the last picture we got. :( I'm drying out the camera... hopefully it will come back to life.
Chops are in the oven for dinner. I just tried to bake corn bread... and it turned out shit. It turned out nice and brown on the outside... I stuck the damn skewer in and it came out clean... suggesting that it was cooked properly. BUT it tastes raw inside! DAMN IT!!! What a waste of effort.
Oh... don't forget to catch S-Factor tonight on Channel 5! :)


Anonymous said…
Hiya Holly! I just wanted to say hi and tell you that your blog is such a refreshing read compared to SOME of the other mediocre nonsense out there. By the way not sure if you have posted before but would you share what your usual gym routine is? You have a really great healthy body going on there! :)

Anonymous said…
ooi Holly... lol...

i think i saw the trailer... u mentioned



literale_ said…
hey.. i just saw something more yummy than Honey Stars for breakfast! =)

watched the telecast of S-factor.. slick move at the pool! all the best babe!
qf said…
totally agreed! hate running & jogging!
but what a flirtatious tube mini dress u had for dinner holly! ^^ haha..

hope ur camera is fine by now...
Anonymous said…
Hihi Holly~
100 plus is like my fave drink too!

Dee said…
Hey Holly, erm i actually think women size 10-12 are the norm in Sg. It's usually the size that sells out very quickly.

I caught S factor last night - and laffed my guts out over the girl who made the "sunblock" comment. Think the editing's pretty cheeky, makes for some fun entertainment!
Celestina said…
I managed to catch S Factor last nite
WOW, the host is cute & so does te judges!!

Some of te gals are Hot too .. : )
I'm sure tere are lots of juicy stories?? hehe

Have fun : )
Anonymous said…
nice workout attire you got there!
Dave said…
were u nekkid in the kitchen pic?
hollyjean said…
Dave- no, not totally..

Fitness Fabulous - Thank you :)

Celestina- yeah the host Max Loong is cute. I think Aiden (judge) is also gd lookin.. not tooo sure abt the other 2 judges though... i don't even remember their names!

Dee- usually sz 10 and above there's plenty... always run out of UK6 and UK8. :( Yes.. the sunblock comment. lol.. there's more where THAT came from (you'll see in future episodes...)

Lorraine- good taste :) wonder if it's as fattening as coke (both carbonated) or still a much healthier choice????

qf- hmm.. i don't know abt the camera, will get my Bf to check in a while.

literale- WOW.. your eyes are damn sharp... since you spotted the HONEY STARS! ha...

BERN- YEP yep.. thts the right trailer. hope u managed to catch the first episode. it was entertaining.

Hi stef- there are some stuff abt AB routines in my archives. but will be working on best butt exercises once my schedule frees up a bit.
CK said…
If Mark refuses to clean up the Kitchen for you, please count on me as i would be very much gladful to assist you....ok...!

Anonymous said…
giants or midgets, everybody is beautiful in their own way.
isn't it hurting to knw tt u call 'bigger' womens GIANTS?
and to think, ppl look up to you as a role model, one who does not discriminates.
- GIANT lady.
Anonymous said…
seriously whats up with that breakfast pic?

you're trying too hard.
balanced individual said…
nice pic Holly - what do you wear when you make dinner !! ha ha
Holly Jean said…
Anon 4.12pm.

I apologise that it came across that way.

I tend to write off the cuff, tongue in cheek kind of way... and that includes loads of hyperbole.

Never meant to call bigger women Giants. Just that it's frustrating to go into forever21, and see loads of sales stock left for sizes 10 and up yet it doesn't fit me.

I should have considered how my ranting would have been construed by others, and I am sorry for offending or hurting you.
Anonymous said…
Let's just say that some women happen to be more busty = sexy, and not as flat = runway, as you are, thus the big size clothes in forever 21.
And isn't it a good thing to know that forever 21 does cater to GIANTS and not just CHOPSTICKS instead?
Oh well, in this world that we're living in, we're forever being judged, even out of frustrations and anger, so we can't say much, can we?
But I bet that if you were out shopping with a GIANT Caucasian lady, you wouldn't pass such comments, would you?
The Chopstick's Enemy!
Holly Jean said…
erm.. The Chopstick's Enemy,

please refer to my comment just above yours (at 9.17pm).

Anon2 said…
To Anon 2:

Aren't you degrading those who have a stick-thin figures too? True, some may have forced themselves into it cause of social images and problems but some are just naturally skinny and you can't hate them just cause of that! If you want skinny people to respect the slightly more pudgy people, respect us first.

Giant is a degrading name and Chopsticks isn't? Way to go!
Holly Jean said…
Hi bubba ❤️