Revolutionary Road Premier

Special thanks to my bro Wesley who gave his slots to the Revolutionary Road Movie Premiere to Mark and I. :) It was organised by Mediacorp's Lush99.5FM.
It's was quite a treat getting to watch it yesterday evening before it hits the cinemas today.
I'm no movie reviewer, but I am a DiCaprio fan... and I'd say this film is worth a watch. Don't expect something BIG to happen. It's not that sort of film. It's a character driven movie, and Kate Winslet and DiCaprio are fantastic in it.
Today- we're going to the gym... then pick some stuff up from the old apartment that we left behind in the move... (We left bottles of alcohol behind!!!! GOT to go back for that!)
Then hopefully we can go check out some art for the walls. We also need a new ironing board, as the leg of the old one got bent in the move. AHHHHHHHHHHH!
We'd both much rather just lie by the pool today... but there's so much that needs to be completed. Thank you for all the well wishes. And those who emailed telling me about their moving experiences too. (Will reply as soon as I can) :)


  1. Anonymous4:01 pm

    caught the movie last night. I think it was ok ok only.

    That's a nice dress you wearing. was at goldclass??


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