Oh No... Not Another S Factor Post!?

Guess Whaaat??

Holly Jean is Pregnant!!!! We've done up the baby room and we're hoping it'll be a boy............................................... NOT!

Only kidding! Did I get you?!

Am not planning for any babies anytime too soon. But we were at IKEA today looking for cutlery and bits and bobs for the home. Couldn't help checking out the display rooms.. and loved the Kids/babies rooms... so bright and cheery.
I love country style white kitchens.
Modern white is not bad either.
What do u think about this art piece for the living room? To be placed vertical ( I didn't flip the pic before uploading).

My mom and dad are coming for dinner tonight. Mark's helping by watching TV and drinking coffee.
Me? I'm puting together a salad, frying some meatballs (bought frozen from IKEA!!!) with mash potato, broccoli and carrots... and for dessert.... I MADE creme brulee for the first time. Hope it tastes ok tonight (it's in the fridge now).
Can't chat now... got to get back in the kitchen (where all women belong) (HAHA.. KIDDING. already started the post with one bad joke, might as well end with another).
Update you tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous8:22 pm

    I seriously thought you were pregnant! HAHA. Good one :)

  2. Anonymous10:23 pm

    haha. yes i thought so too. but holly, i bet you would be glowing so much more where you ARE pregnant :)

  3. Been following your blog for some time now. I knew instantly was a joke when you said you are pregnant.

  4. Anonymous10:40 pm

    if only u were pregnant...

  5. Anonymous10:41 pm

    why does mark appear like he is so free...is he a freelance professional?

  6. Anonymous11:18 pm

    Do blog abt how the dinner went, okie ;-)
    Was it nerve wrecking for Mark, haha


  7. watching tv & drinking coffee~! WOO!~ way to go mark! haha! ^^

    hope dinner went well for u holly~ =)
    keep us updated yA?

  8. hey holly jean, i think you have a great bod!! how do you maintain it? regular gym sessions? can you give some advice on tips to get a smaller waist + get some abs within..maybe 6 months?

  9. Anonymous5:13 am

    typical spg get up. skanky.

  10. celestina8:25 am

    Hmm... I dun really quite like te art piece. Perhaps the face of the lady. So did u get it?? I admit its really nt easy to get art pieces whc u wil like at te 1st look.

    wow.. it has been a long time since u last posted Mark's photo on the blog. would love to see more photos of both of u : )

    hmm.. cant expect much frm a guy to help up in te kitchen. Tat recent ironing bedsheet saga tells it all : p

  11. Sara & anon10.23 - hehe.. were u guys shocked?
    QiQi- ah... clever girl. :)

    anon10.41- appear free? where in tht pic???? I dunnoe.. maybe it's was cos he was free. Don't have to work 24-7... ppl take days off/leave/ etc... though I must say we do spend a lot of time together, so maybe tht has given u the impression tht he's very free :)

    Homemaker- not nervewrecking for Mark, he's met my parents like 10 times before already.. but this was the first time I was incharge of cooking/hosting. went ok la. not perfect (the food)... think next time I'll do a BBQ instead. I'm not cut out to just whip up lovely meals for guests... too stressful!!

    qf- Thanks!

    Jen- I have done Ab Fab posts(3 posts), it's in my archives. 6 months is def a realistic time frame.

    Anon5.13- oh,OK.

    Celestina- we didn't buy it .. liked it but are still unsure. looking to find better ones... but in tht kind of style... in Mark's defense, he did help me out in the kitchen when
    guests arrived and I was struggling to get the main course out. I prefer him not to be in the kitchen and in my way while I'm cooking... I get snappy and short tempered (a bit)... haha...

  12. Anonymous5:26 pm

    mind sharing the creme bulee recipes? :)

  13. it's easy- heat 1 pint fresh cream on stove with 4 tbsp sugar..
    Mix 5 egg yolks and a tsp of vanilla essence.

    Then stir in the cram and sugar mix into the bowl with the yolks ( bit by bit), if u do too fast, the heat of the cream will cook and scramble the eggs!

    when all mixed, put into little pots (they sell those esp for cremebrulee, but i used little teacups tht cld withstand oven heat.

    then put the pots/teacups of cremebrulee mixture onto a deep baking dish. fill the dish with water. this will act as a "bath". pop the whole pan with the water and pots of cremebrulee into oven for abt 40mins. on abt 150 to 200degrees celcius heat.

    cool. and refridgerate for abt 4 hours.
    before serving, sprinkle fine sugar on top, and burn it using a kitchen torch. serve.


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