My Brain Hurts

Have you ever felt so exhausted that it takes days to recover from it? Moving to a new place may not be as labour intensive if you have movers, but it's really tough on the brain!
The management of this place is great. We even had a "Welcome home" basket and flowers when we first stepped in.

KC Dat moved the furniture into this new apartment. And boy were they good! The crew was so efficient, they really handled everything well. kudos.

But there's still so much to think about and coordinate... I actually have a dull continuous headache and my eyes hurt because I'm constantly thinking about the home and deco. That's how I'm feeling now.

I'm getting new bits to add on to the existing.. and I'm quite worried everything is starting to look like a mishmash. It's hard to make my mind up and stick to a certain theme or colour scheme... I like a bit of everything.

The outlook is very tranquil...

View from living room...

View from kitchen window...

Strangely enough, I'm having fun with this project though I'm such a micro-manager... still needs soft furnishing.. art and stuff... and I'm impatient... I want to get things done pronto!

When it comes to clothes... DIY is much easier... :) Here's an old skirt I turned into a dress and wore to dinner last week. Not bad ah??

:) OK am off to IKEA now.... need cutlery and hopefully find nice art work (doubt it). Oh.. going to the premiere of Revolutionary Road tonight too!!! Update you soon.


  1. Anonymous10:22 pm

    the dull headache and pain in the eyes is migraine. better getsufficient rest and not think too much cos it'll become worser.
    congrats on your new home!

  2. wow holly jean, u r really creative with the way you did up that dress! care to do a step by step guide for the rest of us plzzzz :) when u r feeling better n settled down at the new place, of course.

  3. I like your new place....
    Feel peace and comfortable especially the view!
    Btw, is it expensive?

  4. According to the pic whereby the crews wher working hard... its seems to be a big home holly! no wonder the headache! =S
    but!! ^^Grats on moving in into ur new home!

    It looks very expensive to me!?
    Btw holly, is that ur living room's pic? if it is! i love how ur living is! the furniture seems to match the walls perfectly!? so cosy to be in it? woo~!

    Gd luck in ur shopping at IKEA holly! ^^

  5. Celestina8:28 am

    Such nice view!! Agreed it looks so tranquil & serene too : ) Where is it actually??

    Lovely place & best of hall, not high floors hence not many occupants. I jus dislike those condos whereby occupancy rate is high & tons of ppl at the pool ....

    Show us more picts when it is fully furnish ya? cant wait : )

  6. Anonymous8:56 pm


    I like reading your blog, it's very entertaining. I stumbled upon it while conducting a search on i-cant-remember-what-now. I started reading and I'm hooked. So if the live traffic feed showed 'Melbourne'...that must be me haha.
    Nice place, you've got there. I love IKEA!

  7. ooh the place looks lovely! mind sharing where it is? :)

  8. hi all.. hmm... for privacy reasons .. i don't think it's a good idea sharing exactly where the place is. :)

    hope u understand! :)

  9. Anonymous10:26 am

    Nice dress u r wearing...
    Good taste...

  10. Anonymous12:52 am

    Is ur home near jervois road? looks really familiar!


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