Life As I Know It

I got Bailey a harness so I can bring him for short hops in the park. We've not gone anywhere yet, because he has not taken to the harness too well.. and it's big enough for him to wiggle out of. I guess I'll have to wait till he's a little bigger.
He responds to his name now. It's delightful to see him bouncing over to me when I call him.I keep trying out new dishes in our little kitchen. Sometimes I get it right (and feel like such a domestic Diva) but quite often I screw up (and feel so bad, cos Mark will eat it anyway as a show of appreciation and support). Such a Darling!I just did spare ribs in honey garlic sauce on Wednesday, and it turned out shit. Mark fondly called it Dog meat. ha ha. The sauce was just right but the pork was so chewy! Does it mean I didn't cook it long enough or what?One tip I have learnt so far, always stock up the freezer. Nothing worse than not being able to throw a quick meal together when we're too tired to go out for dinner. ALSO stock up on happy food like waffles and ice-cream(macadamia nut for me please!)


Life has actually been a little bit unsettling, and exhausting because we've spent so much time house hunting the last couple of weeks.
There's me looking like some spoilt brat who's not happy with every place the agent (that's the lady in the background) shows us. But in reality, I'm actually very nice okay! It only appears like I'm a bitch in this picture... if it were in motion, you'd see I was actually hopping along, checking the place out. And then,... yesterday, we actually decided on a place. And went so far as to have them prepare the lease, and Mark was going to sign it and he wrote the cheque out . We did kinda rush into a decision because there was another client interested in the same place. But at the last minute, he didn't feel it was the right place for us after all. I feel so bad... making the agent think that she'd already clinched the deal, and hence her commission. And she's such a nice lady. But I guess in life, you can't rush things like these.
So right now we're back on the couch in the old place... Oh well... at least we're not stuck in a place that wasn't perfect enough because of a hasty decision.

Have a Good Weekend!


  1. Anonymous1:38 pm

    lovely pics - u look so good in that pink /gray outfit - Have you ever cooked braised rabbit - delicious :-)only kidding !

  2. Anonymous1:56 pm

    bailey looks kinda of grown up to me! xD ahh..but still so cute~!

    luckily u n mark didnt made that hasty decision holly... its always harder to find ur "perfect" home right? ^^ just take ur time..
    hMmm..domestic DIVA? haha! i bet to mark ur one already la holly!~ guess practice make perfect? no worries holly~ all the best!

  3. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Have you guys moved in together already? I'm wondering if moving in with someone so soon is a good idea, do you sometimes get annoyed or irritated?

  4. Anonymous4:01 pm

    a bunny is not a dog la ok....and a bunny cant walk..they hop!!!

  5. Anon 4.01 pm - yes i know... :S .. i did say take him for "hops in the park" and that he "bounces" over to me when I call him. (I don't see your point)

    Anon 3.47pm- for the last 5 months or so, I stay over 4 days out of the week. But I don't live there throughout as at the moment I'm teaching a couple of classes and it's far from his place.

    We have given it thought of course :) and this is a good progression (we think). will see how it goes.

    qf- Bailey is almost 8 wks now.. far from fully grown lol. will take a few more months.

    Anon 1.38pm- Thank you :) and lol.

  6. Anonymous1:02 am

    haha! but holly...seriously.. bailey seems abit "fatter" =x
    hMmm...are u feeding him alot? btw its a him? right? =P

  7. Anonymous8:17 am

    aiyoh , this QF so brainless and fawning - like 5yr old- y need to comment so much on everything and so boring

  8. qf- yeah fatter :)

    anon 8.17 - tht's uncalled for. There's no need to put others down here.

  9. bunny lover9:06 am

    nice bunny -soo cute -you really gonna take it out to the park for a hop ? must post pics !

  10. Anonymous6:34 am


    I've cooked ribs b4, although it was beef. to prevent the meat from being 'chewy', i suggest you bring it to a boil, then simmer it for an 1.5 hr till the meat is tender. next, marinade and bake it.
    hope it helps!

  11. Hey Twirl Lover! I was surprised youre in S-Factor. haha, I'm the italkpenis@BS girl who by the way loves twirls too! :D

    Anyhu, I've been blogging in a different space.
    porkchopsss@bs. Can't wait to see S-factor! HAHA


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