For The Girl Who Can NEVER Have Too Many Clothes

Your eyes will pop. has in stock over 40 thousand different clothes, bags, and shoes for you to choose from. No kidding. Over 40 thousand.
It is based in Malaysia but ships everywhere. They have Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese fashion. The first time I went to this site, I spent HOURS just browsing through their different catergories.
All their clothes and accessories are modelled, so you can see what it looks like worn, and also get inspiration and styling tips from the pics on the site.
Whether your style is sweet and girly....
... or vamp and sexy, you'll find it there.
There's also a men's range of jeans, cargos, shirts and t-shirts.

And cute matching couple outfits!They have a great range of good quality shoes - Boots, heels, flats.. all in trendy colours and designs.I just received 3 dresses and a pair of shoes from annyee yesterday. They were couriered to my doorstep. It took 7 days.

I just love their style, their range, and best of all - affordable prices. We're in discussion to work out a sponsorship deal, so I'll always be dressed by them. Clothes! Glorious Clothes!

Will post pics when I wear the outfits this weekend. Enjoy browsing!


  1. Anonymous12:02 pm

    omg holly! im having a hard time doing all the catching up! haha!

    u updates so fast! xD

    40thousands -_- thats 5zeros! my god... hopefully their men's wear are around 10thousands too...haha! lazy lazy me~! ^^

    all the best for ur sponsorship discussion holly!

  2. Anonymous2:49 pm

    haha... you're right about the eyes popping!

    There's sucha huge range.
    The dresses are cheap but
    I found the shoes a bit ex. $90sing for boots like that. But the designs are very nice.

  3. Anonymous5:20 pm

    I notice there are lots of repeated clothes.. it just that they put in different pages. eg. clothes 1 is in page 1 and it will appear in page 10 again.

    The shoes a bit ex too.. but nice designs.. dun noe if it will be comfortable to wear..

  4. maybe you can try clicking on the "new products" tab (on top), instead of the catergories (on the left). and you should see a range of over 40 thousand things. I don't think those are in repeats.

    I can't be entirely sure, not had the time to go through all 40 thousand stuff.. and the numbers keep growing.

    Wish i had a personal shopper who can shortlist stuff tht I'd be interested in. :)

  5. Anonymous11:52 pm

    Not to nitpick or anything and I know it's unintentional but Jap is a derogatory term for Japanese.
    I noticed that a lot of Singaporeans think it's an abbreviation for Japanese but really, it's not.

  6. yup.. we don't mean it in a derogatory sense.

    Intentions aren't bad. bad habit of mine.

    I'll edit it now.. just in case it offends anyone. thanks.

  7. Anonymous12:35 am

    omg isit really derogatory for saying "jap" instead of "japanese"? opps... i din know this till now =x sorry!

    personal shopper ah..holly~ haha~! xD try naming wat ur personal shopper needs, who knows they might really be one~ yA?

  8. Anonymous1:18 am

    At least it's something refreshing from those run of the mill blogshops! I'm so sick of seeing the teeny club clad in those small and short waistband dresses!!!!

    Hope the S-factor coming along fine! :)


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