Fit For An Angel

Girls (and boys who like buying their girls presents)... I have found a site which creates exquisite and unique jewellery.

Angelicious Creations has beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and charms inspired by fairy tales, Disney and all that is pure and angelic. Almost everything is handmade; the cartoons and unicorn pictures are hand-drawn by their designers, and they have a factory overseas in to provide customers with the most unique parts available.

Unlike most other blog shops, Angelicious Creations is an established brand. This brand has staff, transport vehicles, courier service, designers, and even a factory to produce their own charms! This allows them to bring you such exquisite quality items and great service at the lowest price possible.

Now, their creations are also showcased and sold at Isetan Scotts. I went down over the weekend to check out their stuff and everything was just sooo pretty ... I couldn't decide on just one!

Quality? Service?

The pieces are made with top quality materials such as 14k Gold-Filled ear hooks, chains, wires, Sterling Silver, even Rhodium parts for those who are sensitive to other metals.

E-mails are responded within the hour 90% of the time and within the day 100% of the time! Items bought online are almost always received either the next day or after 2 working days.

You can have confidence in this brand as defective items are repaired for free; if not repairable, replaced.

Let me share with you some of my favourite designs!!

Earring Trio - You can mix and match which combi to wear!

Sweet innocent Bambi Necklace

Vintage Chic Charm Bracelet

Phone Dangle with Eiffel Tower Charms.

Items online sell out fast despite at least 10 new items being released every day. The owner and designer Jacqueline Koh designs and creates all these exquisite pieces. But if you desire to design and customise your very own necklace just email your request.

Fancy owning your very own Angelicious jewellery too? Go to or Isetan Scotts, Singapore (Accessories section at level1).


  1. Anonymous1:25 pm

    This shop is fantastic! i bought from them before and i must say that their service is truly outstanding. my preferred accessories shop!

  2. Anonymous1:34 pm

    oi Holly. i thought everything looks cute. shall get them soon. thanks for posting such cute items :)

    (and oh.. I was thinking of Sloppy for your baby lol )

  3. Anonymous3:02 pm

    I have to agree with you, the designs are super pretty! And you have the cutest bunny ever! :)

  4. This i have to go there and check it out :)

  5. Anonymous6:00 pm

    cool. I'll be in town tmrw. I'll go check their showcase out.

  6. Anonymous7:51 pm

    FYI...The blog is becoming too full of advertorials..I patronised your blog because you had well written articles previously. Now it's all adverts..Too many of them. It decaptivates me...

  7. hi anon 7.51

    I'm sorry you feel that way.

    I have advertorial income to keep my blog running, as it is my job.

    I don't actually do more advertorials than the average blogger with the same outreach and capacity.

    Maybe I'm not spacing them out well. I'll work on that.

    Rest assured though that I only endorse products and sites that I believe in. Be it cheap clothes, good wax service...or one of a kind jewellery pieces.

    The benefit of having a big audience is that advertisers naturally want to use my blog to reach people, and this gives me the luxury of choice when it comes to picking what I will endorse/write about.

    If it's a product I like and use,and think it will be of interest to others then of course I will share info with my readers (paid or not paid).

  8. Anonymous10:32 pm

    I just found a perfect place to get a birthday gift. Thanks HJ!

  9. Anonymous9:52 am

    I like the trio earrings you show here. But It is sold out.

    :( They don't remake!!!! OMG! I'm envious of the one who got it

  10. Anonymous10:48 am

    hi celia i'm a regular buyer! it gets sold out REALLY FAST but i know the designer often sends some pieces to ISetan so that we have a 'fair chance' of obtaining it from there if we can't get it online!

    it's my secret to getting a piece of Angelicious Creations.... hehe =)

  11. Anonymous2:32 pm

    I went to check out scotts. Pretty stuff.. they also have this new wooden pendants carved by laser. The carving is quite cute IMO, like precious moments figurines.

    But I find their pendants all too big and flat. Wld like to have pendant or charms like that eiffel tower (the one in the phone dangle pic). How much wld it be to have it on a necklace instead???

  12. Anonymous11:12 pm

    Saw from their website tht there is a brand new collection. Do you have the pics?

  13. Anonymous10:53 am

    this a definately a good site holly! lots of jewelleries caught my eye at first site! oh man~ ^^

    thanks thanks thanks alot holly! xD

  14. Anonymous3:42 am

    i have to admit that this online shop is fast in updating her pieces.

    For being someone who often meddles with art, i question if those creations were ALL made by her and i question the originality of the designs. Do the math if ONE person can comes up with so many designs in 365 days and ALL made by her. Perhaps shoppers should look at more shops, do comparison and observe before jumping on conclusion. Or maybe the positive comments above were all written by the same person.

    Sorry to say that in my point of view, an advertorial doesn't show the negative side of a shop.


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