Where's Holly at the Gym?

Hello Holly Watchers! Holly is at the gym today. See if you can spot her among all the equipment.
Haha. :)
Yet another pink attack at the gym.

I'm sorry this is looooong overdue... but I really just haven't had the time to share this.

The Ab exercise that pulled part of my usually just plain flat stomach in (click here for past post)... and gave it a sexy hole. I'm still miles away from a washboard type six pack definition, but that's because I kinda forgot to keep up the exercise routine for 2 weeks.
This is the key exercise. Trust me.. I do tens and tens of crunches, and my abs only feel it after like many repetitions. But with this exercise, I feel it within the first ten seconds.
Lie down, then like a crunch, lift your body up (part way) and lift your legs at the same time. Hold this pose for 10 to 15 seconds (or more if you can).
Adjust your pose to the point where you feel the most strain on your abs... If you can hold the pose without much effort for more than 20 seconds, you're not doing it right and you're cheating yourself.... Move your legs lower and your upper body lower to the floor to work your abs even more. Then, if you really want to punish yourself... tilt your head back as well.... your abs will do all the work to keep your body in this position. [Do at least 3 sets]
Feel the burn!!! Go back into the flat position and then I like to reverse the achy feeling in the abs by bending the other way. Though this move supposedly has no bearing on how effective the previous exercise is.

The best part about this is how fast you feel (and hopefully see) results. Try it and update me - Does it work your ab muscles the same way it does mine????


  1. Anonymous1:25 am

    The last photo adds the icing to the cake. You've gotta fatten up gal...

  2. You sure have nice looking abs!

  3. Anonymous5:41 am

    alright i will try them out! than..update u will the results on me~ hahah! just hopefully i can make it a standard routine in my life! =P
    btw the 2nd one u did was good! i lik the "burning" feeling too..but im no sure bout whether how it works in the past..but know i do know after u explained! thanks holly once again~!!

  4. Anonymous5:45 am

    opps~! =x i meant i will update u soon with my results. sry for the typo~

  5. Anonymous12:55 pm

    is your waist smaller than your thigh? :S

  6. Haha.. I would like to try! Thanks for sharing. I've not going for aerobic for quiet sometimes! Gosh.. Really need to exercise!!!

  7. HJ,

    U got any tips/exercises to slim down leg muscles? I got some friends having the problems and asked for my advice. Hope you don't mind to share if you have any. :)

    ---Sweet Lavender---

  8. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Girl, you look sexy :) Why I didn't meet any sexy girl like you in True Fitness.

  9. Anonymous10:49 am

    This only works if you don't have a tummy. If you have a tummy and you do this, you'll develop your ab muscles, yes, but it will be hidden behind the tummy. Like me. I have an absolutely hard-rock six-pack hidden behind my not-so-hard-rock belly. Hur hur..

    So yeah, this isn't gonna work for everyone I'm afraid..

    Hur hur hur.. (This one's for Superman's comment)

  10. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Hey hols,
    I was taught the same exercise at the gym. Here's another thing u can do to add on to that. When you're in that position, with your body and legs lifted up, cross your feet in a scissors movement. Then slowly bring your legs and body down to ground.

    Btw, i'm trying to get flight tickets to singapore in march. I want dinner with u and mark.

    C'ya gorgeous!

  11. Anonymous4:14 pm

    Cool! Am so going to try that out!

    Useful post, thanks Holly! :)


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