A Bouquet!? For Me?!

Mark sent flowers. 20 pink tulips.

:) I was surprised because I told him before that I didn't want flowers... I'm too practical I think it's a waste of money!

That said, it has actually been YEARS since any BF has given me flowers on Valentine's Day... I think the last BF to give me flowers on Valentine's Day was Daniel, like 7 years ago.
And you know why I said in my earlier post - you'll never in a million years guess how we're celebrating Valentine's Day?

It's because we're not!

His best friend has come down to Singapore (on route to somewhere else for business), and he only has this weekend with him. So I decided that in the spirit of love this Valentine's, I should not be selfish and want him all to myself. And so we're going to have dinner with his best friend instead of doing the customary romantic dinner for 2 thing.

So getting these flowers has just made me realise, that maybe this day is a special day for me ... even if we don't celebrate it the usual way.


  1. Anonymous10:46 am

    Celebrating Valentine's Day is not just about having dinner 1-on-1 or monopolising someone's time.

    My gf is overseas right now, but we'll still make it special for each other, mainly by just choosing our words carefully on the phone later today.

    I don't really know what ur expecting from him? He's already sent flowers, and I'm sure he'll make it a special day for you in other ways also.

    If I was Mark, reading this post, I'd feel terrible. And bear in mind that his friend will already feel bad for imposing - try not to make him feel any worse tonight.

    To me, the part about letting Mark "not celebrate" Valentine's Day, "in the spirit of love" just sounds a bit melodramatic and spoilt.

    Try to bear in mind that your life isn't an episode of Desperate Housewives...

  2. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Lol anon you want to choose your words carefully with your gf*? Like maybe you want to choose your words carefully now?

    *and she's your girlfriend, tt you need to choose your words suggests tt something is up :D

  3. Anonymous11:05 pm

    funny comments, sometimes i really think the comments here are way better than the blog itself. oops!! haha!

  4. Anonymous4:22 am

    anon 1 i think you must be reading a different post to what the rest of us read, she said she doesnt like flowers, but she got them and she likes the gesture. it doesnt sound melodramatic it sounds pretty honest, the idea that she may want her boyfriend exclusively on valentines day is a nice one, just because you or i dont celebrate the day in the same spirit as holly doesnt make her spoilt. while her life isnt an episode of desperate housewives it seems that you have a strong interest to come here, read the post and bitch about the blogger, could it be that your fav episode of desperate housewives is not on tv at the moment? I also like the way you seem to think you know or understand how Mark might feel from having read this blog, putting yourself in his shoes and coming up with that answer shows why a person like Holly would not date a person like you. saying all this i do hope you and your girlfriend hand a good chat, i am sure as it is an important day you chose your words wisely. Happy V.D cause its the morning after and i am sure there are many people in town who have contracted some form of VD last night. ;)

  5. Anonymous4:23 am

    ooops i forgot to put a disclaimer for the typos and spelling errors. its 422am and its been a long night. live with it.

  6. thank you anon 4.22 for clearing tht up for me.

    I was quite exasperated when i read anon1's comments... because i really felt misunderstood.

    But i just left it. Because if I left a comment telling anon1 off and explaining myself, then someone will surely say - IF I PUT MY LIFE ON A BLOG, THEN I HAVE TO ACCEPT PEOPLE'S OPINIONS OF ME and tht I should not be defensive etc, something to tht effect!

    It's like nothing I do or say can ever be right here.

    So I appreciate tht you bothered to clear tht up for me.


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