It's Not That Complicated

I had a happy outfit on that night. I think the most expensive item of clothing on me that night were my tights ($21 from River Island) haha, my black pleated skirt was a steal at $10 from Bugis Village, and my polka dot top was like about $8 from Mango (many sales ago).


We had dinner for 4 at Indochine Empress Place, which is Chris and Neal's favourite place. And I think mine too from now on... food was great! It wasn't my first time there, but I don't remember food at Indochine ever tasting that good. Maybe it was because Chris did the ordering. Now I can see why the boys always leave the ordering to him. Yummy!


I'm happy to have met two more of Mark's close friends. I'm thrilled that I like them both. And they like me ( I think!). You can always tell a man's character by the company he keeps. (Or as I like to say - Play with shit, Smell like shit)
Another surprise for me, when I opened my make up drawer, he had hidden a present for me! It's an Agatha Paris Charm bracelet. ( I swear, when I blogged about it in my Valentine's Day gift recommendation list, I was not hinting!). But I do love it.

Good food and great company... (AND a charm bracelet). I couldn't have asked for a better night. :)
I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's Day too! :)


  1. Anonymous5:48 pm

    I like your tights and the charms dear!

    Happy V Day!


  2. Anonymous1:36 am

    glad u enjoyed urs holly! ^^ u look gorgeous that night too! i lik ur top!

    too bad u didn't have any pics of the food u all had! =P
    wat a surprise from mark! bet it caught off guard?! haha~

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  4. Anonymous2:00 am

    nice outfit and pretty bracelet!
    what did you get him?

  5. an electric toothbrush to replace his old one (I'm so unromantically practical).

    and a What is Love? scrapbook which I put in pictures of us and words and stuff!


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