Brazilian Wax at The Golddust

This is a video of my Brazilian wax experience at The Gold Dust.

My readers would already know that I'm a Brazilian wax addict, can't live without it. On this blog, I've done a comparison of the most popular places where girls get waxed here in Singapore. But I have recently found a real gem!!!!
The Gold Dust is a home-based waxing service run by Kerry (above), and she started waxing 3 years ago when she was in the states. Now she's in Singapore specialising in the ever sexy Brazilian wax.
Girls, if you're a regular wax addict like I am and you've become jaded by the factory like treatment (in and out in 10 minutes flat!) you get at most wax places... but you get home and find so many stray hairs which you have to contort your body in order to tweeze out yourself.... then The GoldDust will be a wonderful change for you.

Kerry is patient and gentle, so she's especially great if it's your very first Brazilian Wax, or if you have sensitive skin like I do. She uses only hard wax (which would cost you more in all other wax salons), and never double dips the applicator (that ice-cream stick thing) into the wax pot. It's very hygenic and the service is top notch!

Sick of the usual balinese spa like designs or clinical atmospehere of my usual wax haunts, I was delighted to enter the wax room at The GoldDust. It's pink and soft and has a modern art deco edginess to it. I'm not putting any pictures of the room up here... I don't want to spoil the surprise. See it for yourself.
The GoldDust provides one of the cheapest Brazilian waxes here! The pre-package trial wax session is only $25! And a package of 10 sessions costs $300, which will make each subsequent wax session as cheap as $30.

Whether you're a regular Brazilian Wax fan, a brazilian wax virgin who wants to finally give this a try, or just looking for something special to spice things up this Valentine's Day...

Call Kerry at 91897336 for an appointment today!


  1. Anonymous7:26 pm

    please show pussyshot before and after the wax.. and closeup during the operation.. thanks..

  2. please send cheque for $25 000 made payable to Holly Jean Aroozoo.. thanks..

  3. Ouch that hurts, hey you're giggling... SADIST? haha

  4. Anonymous10:13 pm

    hey this video was loads more natural than the one before! kudos! haha. cute, you're so pretty. u make getting waxed look good!

  5. Anonymous1:12 am

    i definately will try her out

  6. Anonymous1:23 am

    wow~ it seems painful holly~! i guess the most unbearable moment is the time between the applying to the moment she's gonna pull, as in the "waiting" process? =x haha~

    do u think 25k is enough? haha just kidding~ xD

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Anonymous11:41 am

    is the name of indonesia origin?

  9. Anonymous11:43 am

    you are more videogenic than photogenic.
    still camera makes your face looks featurelessly flat..
    maybe flash? lighting?

  10. I love Brazilian waxing!!!! went for ma first just recently on 1 Feb 09!! hee hee hee...i feel that the most painful is when they 'rip' the top area...

  11. Anonymous6:37 pm


    Any before and after shots? Or else how are you going to convince your readers? :)

  12. hello ((:
    read your recent post and brazilian wax seems good. may i know where's the location of gold dust?
    i've been searching for places tht do good waxing so thanks for the update, it's been of great help (:

    anyway, i've seen your makeup video. i felt that u were clear in explanation and i like your accent. so dont bother about the comments (((:
    keep goin :D

  13. Anonymous1:55 am

    did you really suck it up or is it really less painful than the usual soft-wax, double-stick dipping punani rips?? I can't tell from your face!! Meet me soon xxoo --NN

    P.S. I can't believe that there are those who spend their day googling "brazillian" in search of some porn and land up here, only to be disappointed and rude about it. What a bunch of fking losers. LOL

  14. NN- hard wax is definitely much less painful than the regular wax used in most places.

    Jaime- PLease do contact Kerry directly for her address/appoinment details. :)

  15. Anonymous9:38 am

    the package is a great deal since I am a regular waxer myself. How long does the package last? as in must use all 10 waxes in a year or what?

  16. Anonymous4:00 pm

    what exactly is the purpose of this video other than to show us your giggling?

  17. Anonymous8:58 pm

    some people are just so annoying..

  18. Anonymous4:36 pm

    I am female. i actually appreciate the video. Makes me feel like it's not as intimidating or painful as a full brazilian wax sounds.

    have more courage to give it a try now!

  19. Daniel8:15 pm

    Hi there. I know it's a late comment but i'm curious about one thing..
    Do they do Brazilian for men too?

  20. Daniel8:20 pm

    Hi Holly-Jean.
    It's ok..i saw the website. Only for ladies! what a pity.
    It's such a good deal. =)

  21. if youre a wax addict, do you sniff it from time to time?

  22. Anonymous8:30 pm

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  23. Anonymous11:35 am

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