You Know What?

First of all... you've got to say it right.

ettusais is pronounced EH - TU- SAY
The brand was first launched in Japan in 1992 and it came to Singapore only in 2001. Ettusais is a french expression meaning "You know what?" which is commonly used amongst girls when they get together to share information or gossip!

This is the very essence of ettusais. It is about being able to express yourself and your personality through the use of make up and skincare. To me, it has literally given girls the confidence to put our best face forward.

This beauty brand specializes in contemporary adult acne care and gives girls clear and fresh skin 24/7. On top of that, it has a full range of skincare and makeup to suit a whole range of skin concerns like oiliness, open porse, blemishes etc. There's also an ettusais homme range for the boys! As they are a skincare house, all their makeup has skincare benefits too! This means you can use makeup without worrying that it’ll cause outbreaks. In fact, it’ll help you treat your problems while helping you look great! What more could a girl ask for!

I have sensitive dry skin which is great because I'm not one of those girls with faces that get greasy and have to constantly blot. BUT I do have to take extra care to avoid premature wrinkles and I cannot use products which are too harsh on my skin as it will get blotchy and irritated easily. With ettusais, I'm doing great so far :)

I am currently using these products in my simple skin care regime. All their products are anti-bacterial, non-comedogenic (i.e. non pore clogging), fragrance free and colorant free, very safe for those with sensitive skin like me!

AC Gentle WashThis gentle wash comes in a solid bar form, so you are encouraged to form a lather before washing your face. Did you know that it's too harsh to put a cleanser directly onto your face?! You should always lather it in your hands first then put the lather/foam on your face. When I was a teenager, I would just slap the cleanser on my face and lather it up by rubbing my hands on my face. Bad!!!

This bar forms a rich, creamy lather. With a “cushion effect”, the bubbles remove dirt and old sebum cells from the skin, prevents me from rubbing my face vigorously, leaving it dewy fresh without any feeling of tightness.

AC Skin Version Up (it's a toner)This is the 2nd step in my skin care routine. Our skin is “hydrophobic” i.e. it is unable to absorb moisture on its own so this lotion preps my skin to absorb all the goodness of my moisturiser. It also prevents blemishes and keeps my skin dewy fresh.

Emollient SupplizerThis enhances the skin's hydration level each time it is used. The moisture readily penetrates into the skin, hydrating even stubborn dry areas.
And of course the eye essences which I blogged about last week. I can’t wait to try the other products in the next few months!

Go to their website to find out more about their products, the prices listed there are in Singapore Dollars.


Wanna join Club Ettusais?
You can be a member simply by purchasing any skincare or base care item and you will receive a club ettusais card which would entitle you to receive loyalty rewards and other privilleges such as monthly mailers with updates on promotions, events, workshops and launches.

ettusais members can accumulate loyalty rewards. You receive a stamp with every $10 spent and 20 stamps will entitle you to receive a $10 voucher which can be used to offset your next purchase.

Ettusais? (You know what?)

You gotta be part of this club!

P/s- Stay tuned, for free ettusais makeovers and samples (In Feb) !


  1. Anonymous11:24 am

    Well actually, "Et tu sais..." means "And you know...".
    "You know what?" would have been "Tu sais quoi?"

  2. Anonymous1:33 pm

    think its coloquial , not taken literally , rather like "comment allez - vous " literally means "how go you " but is used to mean "how are you " -

  3. Anonymous3:12 pm

    is ettusais, shiseido and ZA all one company??

  4. yes... coloquial. :)

    yes... all one company :)


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