A Pig Is I. A Swimming Pig

For someone who could not swim 2 weeks ago... I think I've progressed very well :)

As promised... I had my favourite foods at Dan Ryan's.


Potato Skins dripping with cheese and sour creammmmmmmm...

I want my baby back..baby back... baby back riiiibsssss...

My favourite dessert, Creme Brulee

I can't believe I ate so much. Such a Pig.


  1. Congrats! love that top on you, very very sweet looking!

  2. Holly Jean, You swim great, you eat great, you LOOK fantastic!
    BTW...It's -8 below zero today!

  3. hi holly, one tip for the swimming stroke - when you are kicking, place your palms together, forming an inversed heart shape. this will help you glide forward more, using less energy.

    only move your hands when you are done kicking. and you're moving your hands, don't kick. : )

  4. Anonymous11:20 pm

    LOL I'M STILL HALFWAY THERE!!! I'm jeolous now hahaha!

  5. Hi Chuah,

    that top I wore to Dan Ryan's is actually from the current COTTON ON body sale. only $10. :)

    G-Man... i know I don't swim great... but everything else is spot on! haha

    Jo-ann _> Yes, that makes sense, thanks for the tip babe.

    GezNat- Half way where?? u learning to swim too? Feels damn awkward doesn't it?!

  6. Anonymous1:08 am

    heehee see the height of the beer in your glass decreasing throughout the meal... haha...

  7. Haha, finally starting to swim eh..~

  8. omg. i want to learn how to swim too!


  9. For a moment there i thought you were topless.haha.
    Oh well....haha..
    Good luck on the swimming;).


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