One Rochester and Ice Cold Beer

Last week, Mark and I had dinner at One Rochester. I wore my school girl outfit :) Dining is outdoors, in soft candle light, under lush foliage. Perfect romantic date place! Food was alright... Pan Seared Foie Gras... yummmm...(by the way- have you heard? Some animal rights group is lobbying for a total ban of foie gras production! Oh My God! )

... dessert was disappointing ( I had a chocolate pudding... but I've had much better ones out of cartons from the supermarket).


Last night, it was Shrimp pizza, wings and beer at Ice Cold Beer(Emerald Hill). It's a great chill out place. I just love the pizza there (I didn't take a picture, was too busy eating.. *oh the shame*)
Ice Cold Beer is a grotty looking pub, paint peeling off the walls, posters of pin up girls and beer ads. That sorta place. The crowd is usually white expats. But I really only went there for the pizza. (honest!)

Look at me. I'm wholesome. I've never picked a man up from a pub. Not my style :)


Of course, my gorging is not guilt-free and consequence free... so I've (ok... we've) put in loads of pool work... (by loads.. I mean.. erm.. some) .

As suggested by a reader, I've been trying to keep my hands together, and alternate my kicks with arm movements, but I am finding it tough as I'm not very co-ordinated. ha. Think I shall have to don goggles next.


  1. Ah, you'll get used to it in a couple of strokes

  2. Anonymous9:59 pm

    wholesome... yes... on the outside...


  3. Anonymous10:18 pm

    Outfits can be fun, but at your and HIS age, you might want to consider losing the school girl outfit

  4. Anonymous9:56 am

    Hmm... kindof tru. So how old exactly is Mark?? Not sure if you have mentioned it before or I've missed yr posting : p

  5. Anonymous1:27 pm

    He does look pretty old, your new man. Late 40's? Early 50's? Have to agree that the schoolgirl outfit might give the wrong impression....

  6. :) I appreciate your concern everyone...

    I've always been a fan of fun outfits. And I'm not going to stop being who I am just because I'm dating someone older.

    Life is so short.. I'm going to live it the way that makes me happy.

    celestina, Mark is in his 40s. :)

  7. Anonymous1:58 pm

    oooh someone's a bit jealous eh (an old ex mybe ? )jean lol - my advice - ignore them - do what makes you happy -u look happy together :-0

  8. Anonymous2:32 pm

    i tink you shld not bother about what others tink. if u like wat u r wearing, so be it. one can never satisfy the WHOLE world. so why bother. as long as u r happy, treat other comments as a passing comment. anyway, i tink you look great in the outfit.

  9. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Isnt late 40s abit too old for your age? No offence but what's gonna happen when you both get married and grow old together.

  10. Anonymous4:35 pm

    u look great, mark looks great, so anons should go and suck on it...
    age-smage, as long as two bodies are hot and the meeting of the minds occur, anyone who has a problem with it should try dating REAL people for once.

  11. Anonymous6:06 pm

    If you don't like the previous person's comments, there is no need to be rude about it. Just kindly disagree, stating your own view if you want.

    Ultimately, if you're gonna publish your life on the web, and try to make make money from associated adverts & endorsements, you've got to accept some public scrutiny. That's just the way of the world, and I think it's fair enough.

    On ICB, personally I don't mind the place… think the peeling paint and worn bar area gives character. Pictures of women in bikinis is meant to be tongue in cheek fun, right?? And why is being popular with 'white expats' made to sound like a criticism?

  12. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Geznat ,fair point , but 30-35% of us that get married won"t get old together anyway- we'll be divorced or separated ! -and if you marry wen bth in your 20's its higher still .
    Maybe marry a mature guy who is settled and not trying to be the stud of the town is not so bad ?
    just a thought -but bit biased , my guy 15yrs older than me ha ha

  13. Anonymous 6.06pm:

    are you addressing me? I don't see how I was rude about the person's previous comments.

    Indeed, I kindly stated that i appreciated their concern, and then I stated my view.

    And yes, I am accepting public scrutiny. If I weren't, then I'd not publish such details that I know would make me vulnerable to general close-minded views right? It would be easy to just make up some persona, or share fake details of my life right?

    And I love ICB, i apologise if you read my post as a criticsm of the place. The paint peeling off the walls, and posters, etc all add to the grotty laid back pub type charm of the place. My mention of the white expats was "tongue in cheek" (in case you failed to see that).

  14. Anonymous9:41 pm

    30 - 35% of us gonna get divorced? lol it's really sad to hear that. We gotta be optimistic in our relationships!

  15. Anonymous12:30 am

    1st time visit here! cool blog :) keep it work

  16. Anonymous12:41 am

    Hi HJ

    I've been silent so far.. not a fan of leaving comments.. but I'd just like to say with regards to the criticism you get here- Don't worry about them.

    When people make stupid uneducated comments like that they are not worth knowing.


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