Morton's and Morons

Last Saturday, we had dinner at Morton's in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

I just had a little black dress on. I decided to go with understated elegance this time. Which is a far cry from my loud happy coloured outfits. Just bought this pair of shoes from Bugis Village... I love the ruffles at the heel! Simple, yet a bit different. :) (only s$29. What a steal!)

Morton's is a carnivor's delight! But rather costly (about $100bucks for just one steak.... boo!!)
The friendly waiters are very knowledgeable about meats and the different cuts of steaks. Before you order, they'll tell you about the meats and seafood. I'M HUNGRY!!! I CANNOT SIT STILL AND CONCENTRATE!Although you can hardly tell from that grin on my face, I actually find it distasteful to get acquainted with a live animal before it becomes my meal. [Don't worry, we didn't have lobster... I couldn't bear it]
For starters we had a cold crab dish and oysters! Yummm... love oysters. There's something disgustingly appealing about their slippery floppy texture.
Remember what I said??? Suck... Don't blow. Haha.
Ribeye done medium rare. We also had sauteed mushrooms (yucks I hate fungus!) on the side, but I didn't take pictures because I find mushrooms revolting really.
The Morton's signature Dessert was to die for! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

There you have it.. just sharing a little bit more of my life with you. :) I have not been keeping up with my Ab exercise routine!!!! Shit! But will share the technique with you real soon...

If you're wondering why there are no pics of Mark in here... well... even though I put my BF on my blog ( which was to me, just doing the obvious, as he's a BIG part of my life), there were so many sour grapes out there who left nasty comments and emails. I even deleted one from the tagboard (I almost never censor my blog reader's comments.. but I think this one was crossing the line because it was not just petty but very rude and unfounded).

So yes, I guess I'll just have to keep that part a little more low key from now on, so as not to upset some of the more immature.


  1. Anonymous6:27 pm

    Nice shoes.

  2. Anonymous8:51 pm

    Is it just moi or are you lookin more tanned than before?

  3. Anonymous11:02 pm

    how much was the meal? =)

  4. Anonymous11:15 pm

    Wow, 100 bucks for a piece of steak. And oysters too.

    You must be loving having a bf willing to splash the cash like that on a regular basis.

  5. Anonymous11:47 pm

    interestng that you figure that the bf paid?

  6. Well, eating at Mortons was his choice. yes he paid.

    Which Man would take his GF out for a swanky meal, choose a very expensive place and then expect her to foot the bill?!

    Gerald- it was $360ish ... but bear in mind we only had one main course (steak). cos I'm a small eater, so I shared his steak. I'm a dessert lover!

    Bill could easily reach $500 for a couple if 2 steaks are ordered...

    still.. a great place for a special treat. :)

  7. Anonymous12:17 am

    What recession?

  8. Anonymous1:11 am

    well i guess at 45 or so, with no dependents, you'd probably be quite wealthy. especially after 20 years in law or something like that with good income

    kids are expensive. according to some nightclub owner interview in a mag i was reading, gay nights can generate more revenue than a normal saturday night. i suppose gay guys tend to earn well, and also have no dependents to drain away cashflow. plus guys are bigger spenders on nights out, and the club is full of them.

  9. Anonymous2:04 am

    who is this ASSHOLE? --nn

  10. Anonymous2:59 am

    ya i agreed totally its a beautiful pair of heels^^ n not to mention its price! woo~ haha =x

    i hav been following ur blog just recently.. but 1st time leaving u a comment.. i find ur topic "down to earth"? no offences k? =b

    but to me 100bucks for the steak seems fair? cause to me in ur photo of it... if a hugh piece of meat =x haha... or its not dat big actually? o.O?
    as for ur bf will to spend so much on u for a meal.. meaning he really cares bout u too? 360bucks for 1 steak, a plate of oysters, n a must have dessert? i think its worth it? as long as it fills u n ur bf's appetite?? xD what important to me is the atmosphere, n the person u r having it with? agree? =|

  11. Anon 6:27 - THanks!

    Anon 8:51 - I am much more tanned now actually, ever since I learnt how to swim

    Ol Chang Kee - Who else is going to keep this economy going?! haha.

    No seriously, we can't affodr to do this everyday of course! Most days, I cook for us! I'm doing corn on cob and Spag bol tonight~

    Anon1:11 - yes quite true. Gays have double male income and are big lifestyle spenders because they usually don't have kids to spend on.

    And I guess we'lll have to tighten our belts once kids come into the picture. But until then, that's no reason not ot experience life, yeah? :)

    qf- Thank you very much for commenting. Yes, It was HUGE piece of meat and the both of us did struggle to finish it.

    Thank you for putting in such sober comments, and looking at things from a sensible perspective. :) much appreciated.

  12. Anonymous8:19 am

    Anon 1.11
    You seem to have a lot of real problems with HJ having a BF . Have you tried getting on with your own life ? Your rambling is incoherent and fails to make any point at all other than to throw a few feeble jealous schoolkid insults .
    HJ weirdo's are everywhere and are the price you have to pay for opening your life up to the world - you just have to rise above it -I guess - sigh :-)

  13. Anonymous9:21 am

    Anon 8:19
    Your rambling seems pretty incoherent also. Have you tried not taking everything so personally? What are you… a personal bodyguard of HJ? It's not for you to lynch every person who leaves a remark you don’t like.

  14. Anonymous12:04 pm

    lol too many anonymous posters! or could it be 1 person having an argument with himself(its obviously a male lol) anyway love the shoes, bet i would have loved the steak, love the tan(lets see more of it!)


  15. Anonymous3:30 am

    ur most welcome~! but sorry for those typos i had in my previous comments =x hope u understand me..haha!

    anyway.. been trying my best to catch up with ur past posts too.. its really down to earth, which i really lik bout them? haha! really i mean it when i said i lik them.. but some post r lik too long ago for me to post my comments so i guess i will give them a pass?
    xD so i will try my best to keep up with the new ones ya~ keep them coming k? ^^

  16. Hey Holly~

    I was at Mortons recently and had exactly the same stuff - Oysters, Ribeye to share, and Chocolate Lava Cake for dessert. It was ex but money truly well spent. The food and service that night was excellent!

    Oh and was there before 7pm and had the martinis for half price as well. The Lychee Martini were great too!

    Glad you enjoyed your dinner :)

  17. Anonymous9:29 am

    Can we have Mark back - we miss him !!


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