Look at My Abs!

Ok.. for most of you... this is probably nothing to shout about... But I am pretty surprised and pleased so I'm going to blog about it!

Last sunday I went to the gym, and my darling Bf taught me an exercise move ( different from my usual leg extended type crunches). It was so simple yet it really worked my ab muscles.And for the first time in years, when I woke up the next day (Monday morning) my ab muscles hurt. All my years of doing lazy crunches never hurt my ab muscles. I guess I never did enough to fatigue the muslces.

It was such a pleasant pain.

And on Tuesday it still hurt a little, but what pleased me even more was that I felt as if my waist was literally being pulled in. My tummy has always been flat (or flatish).. but now there's the beginning of like a cavity...just below the lower ribs. Not sure if that part popped in, or the muscles around in popped out causing it to look like a cavity.... but either way, it looks fantastic to me. (It's 1am now, so I'll have to wait till morning to ask my BF what's going on with my body... or do u know?)

It may not be much right now... but I think I might be on my way to having some sexy definition there...

However, before I jump the gun (story of my life), I'm going to keep at it for two weeks (alternate days) and see if it really does make any difference. Then maybe I'll share the secret with you.

P/S- I don't photoshop any of the pictures in this blog


  1. You got to impart everything you know, it could be the 1 stop miracle to end all this excessive fats.

  2. Anonymous2:15 am

    What! How can your abs just pop in like that! did yuor organs shift or what?? Life is unfair! You skinny bitch! grrr.... so envious!

  3. Anonymous8:34 am

    you're so lucky. You got a super nice bod any girls wld die for. it suxs being fat! tsk.

  4. Anonymous11:14 am

    Hey HJ,
    U didnt mentioned wat moves yr darling BF taught u to achieve tat result??? quick tell us, best if with pictures...

    I dun expect i wil achieve tat same result as yrs but i must at least make it flat : p

  5. Anonymous12:58 pm

    show us the secret..

  6. yes will share it in a couple of weeks.. if it works.

  7. Anonymous12:43 am

    oi cb i get first dibs ok...muahaha


  8. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Hey Holly jean,

    I used to climb the stairs back to my apartment at least once a day (and I live on the 10th floor) but had since stopped doing that because one of my friends told me that this will make my thighs big!
    Her reasoning is that if keep climbing the stairs regularly, I will build up muscles in my thigh which will make them bigger...whaddya you think? Any truth in that?

  9. Hi Anonymous,

    well... it's all a matter of scale. you'd have to do an awful lot of climbing to get muscular big thighs.

    You'd have to climb those stairs like 30 times a day!

    My advice is keep using the stairs and you'll find tht you have a great looking butt and toned legs which will look super sexy in little shorts and mini skirts.


  10. Anonymous11:27 am

    One thing im very very unpleased of is my tummy so it'll be great to know the secret! :D cant wait for it ;p

  11. Tell me the secret, I wanna own that sexy abs :D


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