Just a few updates

I'm exhausted. But here are a few quick updates:
1. My URL http://www.hollyjean.says.it/ is working now :)
2. My brother Wesley just left for Berlin today. His short film is screening at a film festival. How exciting for him!

3. I am thinking of getting a lop eared bunny.
4. I've just started to make an effort to swim. Progress is slow. After 4 sessions, I am only managing to do one breadth in the same time Mark does 2 lengths! Granted, he swims like a snorkling mad man.... but swimming cannot really be this much of a struggle can it?? (I can do 10 breadths now but it's torturous) I must be doing something wrong. Yesterday, my right ankle started hurting... I think I strained it in the pool... imagine THAT!

5. I am losing weight! I find it surprising because I am eating (a bit) more now than before... I think those thrice weekly struggles in the pool is really working my body out.
6. Mark promised me my favourite Potato Skins and Creme Brulee at Dan Ryans this Wednesday if I do my 10 laps (breadth) in the pool that evening. I can't wait!

7. Is it just me or has Hotmail been so slow and problematic the last couple of months???

8. Tomorrow, I'll be answering a reader's question regarding what a girl means when she says she wants to be "just friends". (Blog Readers, tomorrow,I will be needing your opinions on this topic too)


  1. Hey, just curious...what's your brother's short film about?


  2. Anonymous8:44 pm

    Why does Mark use a snorkle?

  3. Holly Jean...
    I see that you are now a follower of me. Do we have mutual friends?
    Just how did you become a follower of Mr. Knowitall?

    ...Of course you may follow all you like...:P

  4. anon_X

    the one screening in Berlin is an experimental short, it's called love me yesterday, but the plot has very little to do with it ( I think) so can't tell u much except tht it's about unrequited love???? But the experimental bit of it is the play on images (something about 4 layers overlapping I think) and lights and music. I don't understand film stuff (as you can probably tell by now).

    anonymous 8.44: Because he's a "special" child. :)

  5. Anonymous1:03 pm

    wow.. the food looks yummy.....


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