Hello 2009!

Day 2 of the new year.

Something crap happened. My blog has had a drop in traffic the last few days. How depressing!And I just found out the cause.

My redirect URL - http://www.hollyjean.says.it/ is no longer working. So everytime my readers type that in expecting to get to my blog, they will get an error message.

The only way to get to my blog is through my original URL - http://www.holly--jean.blogspot.com/

So if you have my faulty url in your links, do change it to http://www.holly--jean.blogspot.com/ ok? Much appreciated. Thanks.
New year's eve was good. Not drunk. Not an uber wild one. But special.
The crowd at the Siloso beach party was good. And organisation(logistics) was fantastic this time, I thought. Drinks were easy to get, layout gave party goers a lot of space, but maybe could do with like twice the amount of toilets perhaps.And the next day, Mark and I took it easy. We watched the Duchess at vivocity. Did a bit of shopping, I attempted making green curry for dinner... and it actually tasted great! Hoorah! Look at my after holiday tan :)


  1. Anonymous12:44 pm

    if those readers had brainz, they would google holly jean. your blog is the first to appear on that google search.

    blessed new year

  2. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Siloco beach party is cool. :) Happy new year!


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