Angel's Share

I've just got back from the gym. Took pictures which I will use later for my How to Get Flat Abs post (have not decided on the actual title of the post, but essentially it's a holistic approach to a flat tummy)

A reader commented on my tagboard that I seem somewhat naive, and that perhaps Mark is the first white guy I've dated. I'm a little tickled by it because on the one hand so many have accused me of ONLY dating white men... yet there are those on the other extreme who think I've only just had one. Maybe it's hard for people to comprehend how Happy I am now (after the trials and tribulations of MANY relationships, with white and Asian men) and thus they confuse my joy for being smitten by the "first" white guy to give me any attention???

Oh well... ate at Angel's Share at Dempsey on Saturday. Nice place. Ambiance is great. But they did like serve my starter WELL before Mark's was ready. I ended up finishing mine before his even came. And when we raised our slight displeasure, the waiter said - oh the other starter takes longer to prepare! Always thought it was just normal, base level expectation that everyone's course should be served at the same time, and not one person watch the other eat!

Anyway, the food was good, and they didn't repeat their mistake with the other course.

OK.. off to lunch now. Will work on the ab post later today. I've been making so many promises- pussy post, Long distance relationship post.. etc etc.. I better start working at it soon!


  1. Quick, i'm waiting for the ab post too :D

  2. Anonymous11:19 pm

    pussy post? lp

  3. You always up to western guys.

  4. ... yes.. it does seem so.

    Do you think that maybe it's just a cock thing?

    Or perhaps I'm secretly trying to dilute/wash the asian genes out of my offsprings?



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