You're The One I Worship And Adore! Holly jean!

You are all busy-bodies. I am merely pointing out the obvious. :)

No discussions, or theme, or topic today. I just want to share random inconsequential moments of my life from the past week or so. (The following pictures are a result of my need to clear my camera)
At the Xmas party last Thursday, I was a little alcohol-happy... and proceeded to make it my life's mission to collect bits of party-star-confetti.... and spell out our names on the table (Mark and Holly)... and even when the hostess came over to mingle and chat with us... I could not concentrate because I was religiously collecting stars and placing them in order. How Rude of me! The next day, Mark found bits of stars in his pockets, because i thought it'd be a great idea to secretly take some home with us! haha.. I'm a strange one when intoxicated. T'was the alcohol your honour. I plead innocent!

Then we came home from the party and had a freakishly cold night swim. This picture of me removing my contact lenses was taken by my pervy boyfriend.
On Saturday, we had dinner at the Bellini Grande. (I've been spelling it wrongly all this while by the way)
Had some foie gras type dish for a starter.. and I just loooove pan seared foie gras. Deeelish. So yesterday, i tried to make my own foie gras. I bought goose liver, cooked it and mashed it with onion, egg, butter... bit of salt and pepper. And it turned out looking and tasting like a dry gray lump of soil. Bloody Internet recipes!Unlike my culinary adventures at home, the food at the Bellini restaurant however, was not bad at all... Entertainment was so-so... I was expecting full-on cabaret style.. u know with the long feathers and glitter.

While booze shopping for Christmas, I found this pretty pink bottle of Vodka that's especially for girls (by that I mean women.. not children). It's lychee flavoured. Perfect for girls like me who love drinks like Lychee Martini.... AND it's so pretty pink... and girlishly exclusive. I'll bet all the boys will want a sip of mine. *wink*Lastly... today, I made my bi-annual visit to the hair salon, did my rebonding (which will keep my hair fuss-free for the next 6 months!) and chopped 2 inches of hair off.

Have I satisfied your obsessive curiosity about the goings-on in my life? :)


PLEASE PLEASE know that I am only jesting and I'm not serious about you guys being busy bodies!

The reality of it is - Without all of you, I'd be talking to myself all day. That's no fun!


  1. Bellini Grande is simply awesome... really. ;)



  2. I worship your holliness.

  3. Anonymous1:25 am

    have you done a simple poll on your readers gender? male female gay?

  4. OMG kong kong.. tht's such a simple yet useful idea.

  5. Anonymous2:54 pm

    actually.. you're right... I am kinda obsessive! lol

    usually i m wondering how your love life is doing???

  6. Anonymous9:10 am

    I loved this post! So fun!

    Do more,do more!! :)


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