The White Rabbit And Impermanence

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On Saturday, Mark and I had dinner at The White Rabbit. I'm such a lazy one, I hate getting dressed up to go out, and would rather stay home and watch TV. But there was foie gras on the menu (clever boy, he knows me a bit too well now) ... and I'm always gagging for foie gras ( especially now that I've found out I make a real shitty one myself... so the only way I will get foie gras is if I go out and eat).

It's at Dempsey (Harding Road), and it's a restaurant cum loungey area(in the backyard) in an old church. I like the church, it's one of those old white ones with huge stained glass windows.
Inside however, reminds me of a dining hall (school canteen). Noisy, the acoustics (high ceilings etc) of the place makes sound echo and travel. Think- cutlery clanking on plates, and party chatter. The food was alright. It's definitely not a romantic date type dinner place. I don't think we'll go back for dinner ( I cannot understand why they've been fully booked every night since they opened 6 months ago).
But it's a nice place for chill out drinks. The backyard set up was nice. There's ample seating and you get a real mish mash crowd. Young and Old. All comfortable. They have a dj and the music is good.
Meanwhile... The flowers that Mark got me are already wilting. :(
Impermanence. Life is a series of impermanence. Everything that has a beginning... will have an end.
People, things, places, they all come and go.
Everything is going so great with Mark and I. But the more you love someone, the more afraid you become of losing them.
No matter what I do, or how I try to hold on to the things I treasure... Everything I love is going to die.
I get a bit down sometimes... when I know that no matter how good a match we are, or how much I feel for him, the end result of my relationship with Mark is the pain of separation or death.
How is it that we can keep on working, and going, and loving and living... when we know that every single thing in our existence is so impermanent?
(don't worry, I'm not suicidal or anything.. it's just a thought...)
I need to get my mind off this... Am going to spend the afternoon by the pool now... will post pics tomorrow.


Tashi Core said…
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Tashi Core said…
There is something special about impermanence. It puts value into every moment and makes these moments very precious, because they become unique and irreplaceable. And because of this, we learn to enjoy every moment more thoroughly and learn not to take things for granted. However, just because certain moments/things have gone and will not happen again, it does not mean that they are erased. They have happened and will always have happened. And I think that this is the true value of our treasured moments, which we will not be able to appreciate without impermanence. The most precious moments of my life only lasted 2 seconds, but they will sustain me for the rest of my life, if you get what I mean. :)
Anonymous said…
Well, indeed things come & go. All good things must come to an end...

Hence treasure & enjoy it while we can. Never take things or people for granted. However we are after all human. Its always easier to say than done. When we loose it, then we feel the pain, the grieve..

So I always tell myself, enj it while I can. Enj every moment you have with the person, you wil nvr knw when he or she may leave. Having such mindset, it will help one not to take things for granted

Just my thought ... & keep smiling : )
Jessjess said…
Hey Holly, I think sometimes I feel the same way too. But I think it's all in our heads - we hardly wonder if things would change with friends right? Its important he's a good person and that even if the relationship changes, its one of development. Don't worry, try to enjoy today.
Anonymous said…
Troy (2004)
Achilles: I'll tell you a secret. Something they don't teach you in your temple. The Gods envy us. They envy us because we're mortal, because any moment might be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we're doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again.
Holly Jean said…
Thank you guys for you comments. I do see you points of view.

i've somewhat snapped out of the melacholy. Maybe its just the approaching new year that's making me take stock of my life... and hence the brooding. :)