Weekend Update

I had a happy weekend :)

Relaxed by the pool all Saturday afternoon
Dinner at My Humble House at the Esplanade and a nice walk (managed to get candy floss! What joy!) by One Fullerton.


Hit the gym in my cute all white kit on Sunday morning (had to work off dinner from night before... I really ate like a pig )

Watched the Singapore Slingers basketball match at the indoor stadium in the afternoon (special thanks to Nic Khoo for arranging a pair of tickets for us)

And then finally back at Mark's preparing a quiet dinner for us ...


  1. Hmmm its either you have become the poster girl for domestic chic, or it may also depict the modern Tai-tai kinda life. :) No matter what, it shouts DOMESTIC BLISS!

  2. Anonymous12:10 pm

    All the simple things in life meant so much in a relationship ya? So sweet and blissful - happy for you babe. By the way, was that single you are wearing on the last picture says "www.hollyjeansaysit.com" or something like that?

  3. Hi Spankalot- domestic chic... sounds appealing to me...

    Jolene- Yes! my singlet does have my blog URL on it, and a pink heart too but not visible in this pic. I'm toying with the idea of creating more of these stuff, so I can give them to my readers....

  4. Anonymous12:29 pm

    Good idea! I want one!

    You whould make pink ball point pens or post-it notes!

  5. It really seem like a fulfilling day for u.

  6. Anonymous6:44 pm

    what did you cooked there?

  7. Hey Jean! My girl told me there was a babe at the Slingers game and I turned around and recognized you. Didn't have time to say hi but come for more of the games!

  8. bGirl... i think it was jacket potatoes with a choice of tuna, cheese, sourcream and bacon bits for fillings.

    Such a Gourmet eh! haha

    Krisandro.. call me Holly. and yeah u shld have come say Hi.. (I may look unapproachable in public but I am actually a nice person.) :D Such a small world!

  9. Anonymous9:21 pm

    What's up with that bathing suit (and not yours)?

  10. HI Ol chang kee

    Yes.. he can be a bit of a fashion victim....
    Mark has a place in spain on the coast , puerto banus , which is kinda the party capital of southern spain - those james bond style trunks are what everyone was wearing this summer in europe, instead of the baggy surfer shorts - but yeah they do take a bit of getting used to !!

    To be fair he only wears them in the pool for swimming and does wear board shorts the rest of the time ha ha

  11. Anonymous5:13 pm

    hey babe, which gym do you usually go to? the gym looks nice and not crowded at all ... =)

  12. hi ya... I rather not disclose specific info about my usual whereabouts.

    hope u understand.

  13. Anonymous3:49 am

    ok sure babe. do blog more about your fitness regime to share with us gals k.thnks. =)


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