This Christmas...

Christmas was great. Well... in a relative sense.

As an adult, I'll probably never have magical, jingle bells type Christmases like when I was a child.

This Christmas, wasn't earth shattering... but it was filled with many simple yet meaningful moments.

Spent Christmas eve at home with Mark. Had dinner, then a nice warm bubble bath followed by opening our presents on the bed by candlelight. He got me a bag and jewellery (I'm not a jewellery type girl.. but I must say... it's growing on me), and I got him stuff like moisturiser and kitchen (!) appliances (Oh the shame! But it's practical alright). Anyway, he didn't seem to mind. haha...

The next day, we had lunch at my house, he's already met my parents a couple times before, but this time my grandma and grandpa were there too. Then we went back to his for a nap... before going to my friend Sarah's place in the evening.

We played Taboo there. And actually, it's the first time I played a game with Mark. You know how I've said that you can learn a lot about people when you play games with them. I liked what I saw.

We were team mates, and we made good partners ( I feel). On the same wave length, in tuned. And what struck me about him was that half way through the game, he signalled me to cut another team ( a girl and her husband) a bit of slack. We still won in the end, but he didn't want to demoralise the others by trashing them. What a man.

Tomorrow morning we're off to Phuket until new year's eve, so I'll be blogging from there. We're spending new year's eve back in Singapore, at Siloso beach, Sentosa. There's still a lot we have to learn about each other. But I am really optimistic.

This Christmas ... I am thankful for my best present ever. My man.


  1. Spending it at Siloso Beach? How about New Year's eve? There again? Remember the time we went there for the foam party? hee hee hee...

  2. Anonymous11:30 pm

    this is the type of post that's all fairy eyed.


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