Pool Bunny

I promise... in this post, I'm not going to talk and depress the lot of you.

Uploaded pictures from my afternoon at the pool yesterday. It being a weekday, Mark and I had the pool all to ourselves. yay!

Even though I have 20 gazillion bikinis, I actually cannot swim. This is my latest toy added to collection of swim accesories. A hot pink kickboard. It helps keep me afloat while I work my legs.

You know, I secretly hate having kids in the pool. It makes me uneasy... I'm afraid if they start struggling or drowning, people expect that I'd be able to help them, because I'm an adult. But in reality, I'd probably take ages to reach them kicking away on my board, and then I don't think i can pull them to safety, it'd be a real struggle. But they're little kids! You can't stand by and do nothing. So I'd have to look like a dumbass and probably need rescuing myself!
Had to put my hair in my cap when I was in the water, I just went to the hair salon a couple of days ago (rebonding)... remember??
Watching Mark do his laps.

I just love napping by the pool... I think it's the sound of the water... but then again, I can fall asleep soundly just about anywhere. So maybe it's just me!
Do something relaxing today.. especially this busy holiday season. Even if it's just for a couple of hours.


  1. lol are u serious? U cannot swim? should get ur bf to coach u.

  2. haha !! you'll pick up swimming in no time

  3. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Do u skinny dip?

  4. Hmmm, that explains a lot!

  5. Anonymous8:02 pm

    any cameltoe?

  6. actually I don't desire to learn how to swim (or drive).... i prefer to be rescued, and towed in the water by hunky men with nice arms and strong chests. :)

    No.. skinny dipping isn't one of my habits.

    Tim- explains what? All I can thank of is that you recognise the place, since u lived across the street when u first got here. BUT he's not here on those same terms. Not here on work. pr. stabbing in the dark here... cos I don't really know what these pictures said to you. :)

  7. very nice pictures :) Lp and Tp

  8. Anonymous3:23 pm

    nice pussy ! hehhe ~

  9. Dear Holly Jean,

    Read through your past blog...
    I love your bikini post... you looks pretty, sexy, elegance..... Hope you can post more in near future.. cheers


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