27th Dec to 30th Dec 2008

My first trip with Mark. Four full days is a lot to spend with each other especially if you're a newly dating couple... so I'd say it went very well. No arguments, we both have our neurotic habits and yet we're accomodating towards each other, so we work really well together.

I actually want to take part in the Amazing Race Asia (season 4) but they have not mentioned anything about recruitment yet. If you hear anything, let me know ok...
Alright.. here's snippets of Holly Jean's 4 Days in Phuket.
That's my Ettusais pink luggage. I was actually shortlisted to be their brand ambassador and I went for an interview early december. The decision was supposed to be made by end december... but seeing that it's already new year's eve.. maybe they didn't select me. *sad*
We stayed at the Sheraton Laguna... and it's a great place. Their villas are nice, and on the beach the water is clear, the sands are white and people are happy.
The hotel has 2 friendly and lovable baby elephants which roam the grounds.The first meal there, we ate at the poolside restaurant... which was good. But then we found out (thanks to Courtney!) that just 3 minutes down the beach is a great Thai place called Laypang.
Laypang has a nice seaview. We loved the green chicken curry there. And it was surprisingly cheap.
Having a boyfriend who's fit has it's perks. (ooohhh.. yesss....) But the downside is that I cannot escape the gym, even when on holiday. On the second night there, we got dressed up to go party with all of Mark's friends.I have never been in a room with so many Jewish people in my life.This is one of Mark's best friends. Incidentally, also named Mark. He has a lovely wife and 3 beautiful daughters.This is mark's wife (not my bf, I mean the other Mark), Stacey, dancing on the table. She's the most normal one in the family. (Yes, they're a lot of fun)This is Stacey again. I cannot remember much about that night. Maybe she's telling me (here in this picture) not to get too drunk.And this is me, 15 minutes later, too drunk.I really shouldn't drink again in my LIFE. My tolerance to alcohol is about 3 glasses max, surprisingly. After that, I cannot walk. I'm so lucky to have Mark taking care of me that night.The hotel has ferry rides to places around the lagoon. We went to Canal Village. But the shops were all rubbish. So we just stayed on the ferry and took pictures.You cannot go to Thailand without having a massage. I had a nice oil massage while Mark had a sports massage.
Good bye kiss from baby Lucky. [Can you tell I am really enjoying it???haha]

So that's my little Phuket adventure!

I cannot believe it's new year's eve already! I have to go nap now, otherwise I will not survive the party at Siloso beach tonight.

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Anonymous7:55 pm

    he looks OLD!

  2. You mean the elephant?? No... he's only two.


  3. Anonymous11:39 am

    Never get tired reading yr blog : )

    So envy!! wat a beautiful experience u have with yr love one ..

    Now is back to life & back to reality : ) Happy New Year

  4. Anonymous12:49 pm

    you have v pretty eyes HollyJean!

    ignore anonymous. I detect jealousy!

  5. Anonymous9:14 pm

    Parading a baby elephant around a hot beach is cruel and inhumane. The elephant belongs in a natural habitat, not as a novelty for vacationers to take pictures with. Voicing your concern to the hotel is one way to put a stop to the abuse.

  6. I'm sure there are worse fates for an elepahant besides being adored, fed bananas all day and frolicking in the water. Perhaps we should coerce the hotel management into returning it to its now non-existent natural habitat, or back to logging in the sweltering heat.

    anyway, I don't think it's the elephants that are being exploited in Phuket... (*wink*)


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