Another Thing Or Two

Ok.. really random post... as I have about 5 minutes before I have to jump in the shower. I need to go on a super duper fast shopping spree to pick up some x'mas pressies. And then I'm meeting Mark. Tonight we're going to have dinner at the Belinni Grande. (hope it's good).
Meanwhile... remember that $28 black dress I bought a week (or so) ago? WEll.. here it is.. I put it on... but I didn't wear it to the party on Thursday...( because I want to wear it to Belinni Grande tonight). Instead... on Thursday (for Mark's Friend's Xmas party) I pulled this old thing on. haha. I do think however, that I generally look better in white clothes... black always looks drab with my skin tone.
ALSO... last Sunday, I had brunch at the Hyatt with Mark and a big group of his friends. I was in dessert heaven!!!!!!
To top it all off, I actually like all his friends. :) I'm so relieved! Things are turning out better and better for us. I'm in a great place right now (in terms of relationship). Will keep you updated.
P/S- you'll be pleased to know that none of the dresses I am wearing in any of these pictures cost more than S$28. In fact... the bloody brown belt in the last picture cost more than all the dresses! haha. I'm a strange one.


  1. Anonymous6:08 pm

    Hi Holly,
    I'm such a girl - i loved this post! Lol

    Ok, yes to paler things looking nicer on you. And I really liked the tube dress you wore at Hyatt.

    Glad that things are going well with you and Mark. You deserve happiness!

  2. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Wait till u tell the ger beside you how much your stuffs cost,

    JAW DROPS ..haha !! priceless.

  3. that was so true, you aint need expensive to be hot... so what if its $28. The most important thing it makes u looks hot...

    oh yea, u were right about the black & white dress on u... U really r more attractive in white than black... but black makes u look mysterious though

  4. Anonymous7:42 am

    why no pics of mark and his friends? u sure u did not go there alone... and make all this up? LOL

    more pics!

  5. haha.. funny.

    :) i do have pics of mark and others.. but I cannot put it up without their permission...

    not everyone wants to live a public life like I do, I guess....


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