7 Pink Roses

Was pleasantly surprised with flowers yesterday.
Pink Roses :)
Do you reckon he's done something secretly wrong???? haha....


  1. Anonymous10:04 am

    so sweet! Pink roses mean admiration and appreciation. And 7 means I'm infatuated with you!

  2. Anonymous10:24 am

    Hey Holly! That was sweet. Pink roses, very sweet! It's nice to see you in love.
    I have something to ask you but I hope it's not a trouble to you.
    How do you get over your ex's? Any tips? Is it ok if you blog about it? Please??

  3. Anonymous10:54 am

    How nice, my ex bf (shall be referred to as tip ex) has pervly requested more pics of you in your bikini. You can see why he is my ex. In case anyone wants to know how i got over my ex? well i move on to my current. Laughs from LP

  4. Anonymous11:31 am

    Sending flowers for no reason should be done whenever one feels like it. Not when he may have done something wrong or for a special occasion... Just enjoy it!

  5. Hi sue- yeah... 7 stalks cos we've been together 7 weeks now.

    Anonymous 10.24- YES! That would make a great post... boy do I have a lot to say about THAT! Will do tht soon. thank you.

    LP - YEAH... i can see why he's an ex. lol. And.. having someone else to channel your affections to does help one move on.

    Jakob- I know.. I will enjoy it. Hopefully it's not some honeymoon period thing...

  6. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Yes, i like the post on exes idea. Maybe can also address how to trust again and let your guard down after you've been hurt before.

  7. ehllo Jean,

    dun think too much into it ya... ur bf is sweet.

  8. Hmm, maybe he really did something wrong :P

  9. Anonymous2:04 am

    flower is plant reproductive system. the world we live in, cutting off private parts and present it to the girl of your dream to make her happy...

  10. Anonymous7:27 am

    Hey there Holly Jean!

    Loved your posts. Anyway, feel free to check us out @

    (Ciska) Xoxo


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