With reference to : Dating A Metrosexual Man

I am sat here quaking in my blue booties. You see, Mark is a lawyer and he has threatened to sue me for damages caused by labeling him a metrosexual. Mark does take time to take care of himself but hates the term Metrosexual because of its associated connotations of femininity and narcissism.

Hence, I am retracting my previous statement that My Boyfriend is a metrosexual.

He would also like me to state for the record that-

1. He doesn't see any difference between cutting his own nails and paying someone to do it for him, if he can't be arsed to do it himself.
2. That a healthy lifestyle is essential and not a sign of insecurity. If you want to be successful, you have to look successful. Whether its an Armani suit , a great Panerai watch , Church's shoes , a great haircut , clean nails , good complexion , fit etc .

3. Personal grooming such as clipping of nasal hair and pubes are perfectly acceptable.

4. Like all things, it's a question of balance. Keeping fit and healthy should not dominate your life but it should always be a big part of it. How much of a part depends on what else you have to do - fortunately for him he has time to play sport , go to spas and give me attention.

5. We timed him last night and he only took 12 minutes to get ready. And he wants me to stress that I have never been ready before him!

(We had dinner at the newly opened Bed Supper Club last night. Next post will be a review of it.)

I am so loving being in a relationship :)


  1. Anonymous9:04 pm

    Well... in these times & age, it's perfectly normal for a guy to take good care of himself. I mean, if girls can go for facials, why can't guys? We all need to take good care of ourselves. On another note, I am really happy that you found someone whom u r in love with. All the best Holly. :)

  2. Anonymous11:51 am

    hey jean,

    im a metrosexual myself... :P

    supperclub is cool. but im for drinks, not e food.

  3. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Hi! Be glad you're with someone who can do facials with you! I have to foce my bf to accompany me (gave up after a while), and recently resorted to having to tell him to chuck that mustard-yellow shirt that was really yucky.

  4. Anonymous4:29 pm

    i'd give you a facial anyday

  5. Bern-> actually i thought the drinks were normal... but the food was great!!! maybe u had a different menu from my night there. (Will post review tmrw)

    Anonymous 3:12pm-> OMG.. mustard yellow!!! I would have just made the shirt disappear.... without telling him! haha.

    anonymous 4:29pm-> mmm... naughty!!!

  6. Anonymous1:41 pm

    Omigod Holly - that's a great idea (stealing and chucking yellow shirt)! Will do that.

  7. Hey Holly! Really glad for you!Wish you all the best and bliss in your relationship dear!!!

  8. Oh yea,on being metrosexual,guess it's ok, as long it doesn't cross over the line to being too vain..gotta have a limt though. It's ok to be looking after one's appearance, be it a guy or a girl,but not over the limit,too vain..esp for guys though..


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