Mark and I are planning a future home together (yes.. I know... premature Holly!! But everything just feels so right)
Allow me to digress a little: [ I know some readers might be skeptical (just waiting for me to fail miserably) , some confused (so much has changed in my life in such a short period)... but all I ask is that you be happy for me, because it's what I've been wanting for such a long time. And though I am still the same Holly Jean (will still love dogs, and pink stuff and still talk about men and sex all the time!), but I also look forward to sharing my new phase of life with all of you. The good and the bad parts of it. ]
So... We've been happily looking at designs, show homes, and styles. My only gripe is that he wants to get a place in Orchard... which I think is saturated, over priced and too busy! I'm such an east side girl, and value the tranquility and laid back nature of the East Coast. Oh well.. nothing's cast in stone yet....
LOMBOK is an eastern inspired furniture store renowned for beautiful and versatile pieces which are adaptable to any home style. I'm going to show you the stuff I like... and I need your comments ok... (be honest)

Holly Jean's Ideal Home
BEDROOM- I want a bedroom that looks like it's smack in the middle of Shangri La. It needs to be tranquil, fresh, and natural. This means huge windows with lots of natural light and a view of lush greenery. I'd live to have a poster bed, hardwood floors and fresh white walls.

And Candles. Plenty of candles!!! (mainly for Mark, I can't really be arsed with tiny accessories).

LIVING AREA- This area has to be spacious enough for entertaining so it has to have a clean and clutter free layout. So I have chosen simple cut furniture, none of the frilly and busy looking stuff. Spacious, yet not empty. Minimalist, yet it has unique pieces which make the area intriguing. The TV cabinets , CD cabinets, consoles for gadgets like the DVD players and all the speakers need to blend in.
At Lombok, I also found this neat sideboard for the doorway. Some place to put the mail, the keys... and I'll switch those candle stands to a Hanukkah Menorah (since Mark is Jewish). It would be interesting... starting a Jewish+Catholic home.

THE STUDY- Work is work... but it doesn't have to be boring... especially not with us. I think we are now living pretty unusually interesting lives. And it should be reflected in our office space. I'd want a turquoise office! I'd like one of those small desks for myself in the office, one to put my little lap top and blog away.

They also have such pretty Christmas decorations! But we'll be away for Christmas. Maybe next year we'll get a tree!

So.. what do you think??? Hit or Miss?
If you like what you see, you can get a catalogue here.


  1. well.. it's gonna be a bitch cleaning up the place.. little nookes and hard to reach crannies. looks lovely though!

  2. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Love is indeed in the air....
    Having said so much, especially now that u guys may be getting a home, BUT... we still do not knw how Mark looks like

    Come on its about to show him to all yr faithful readers .. : )

  3. Anonymous6:49 pm

    Planning a home together after two weeks together? Seeing show homes?

    That's the funniest thing I've heard all day.

    Good luck. Yooooouuuu'll need it!

  4. Anonymous6:58 pm

    Living together so fast?
    Is that a good idea?

  5. no... the home's not gonna come next week!!! these things take a couple of months at least to procure and set up. :)

    scray how fast it's moving... but we're on the same wavelength, and have the same goals.... so not much debating going on.

    Celestina-- yes yes.. pics are a work in progress... we've taken so many.. but he looks shit in most of them haha

  6. Anonymous10:56 pm

    omygawd, girl. Everytime I come back here I'm hoping to see you write something that shows how much you value yourself as standalone individual. What do I see again? You, defining yourself by another Tom, Dick whatever. Golly gee, househunting? Drop all this chasing of worthless white men who will bring you nothing but pain. You're lovely enough to sit back and let it all happen naturally. By all means, mingle and enjoy yourself but all this single mindedness of finding mr right and settling down is going to spoil the wonderful spontaniety of discovering love. The kind of love that you deserve.
    Of course I may be totally wrong about this Mark guy, untill then, Sleazy slimeball is what comes to mind. I'll be more than happy to retract this if it turns out otherwise. I'm so hoping that for you, girl. Whatever. The minute he starts treating you like a trophy in front of his friends, drop him hard.

  7. Hey Holly

    As you admit yourself, seems sudden. But also sounds like you’re following your heart, and just articulating that. Which is no bad thing. As an ex, I’m strangely optimistic! But can I ask you to take your time just a little? It isn’t a race to the alter :)

    Anonymous 10:56 – you make a fair point in some respects. But you probably lost most people when you started being racist. You really should drop your resentment of people with a different coloured skin to you – it degrades the rest of your opinions.

  8. Anonymous1:49 am

    you know Tim, i was going to come at you with guns blazing, maybe even rant about you assuming MY skin colour blindly. But then I looked at your pics with Holly and i thought 'Hmmm..looks decent enough'

    that and the fact my ex was also called Tim.

    I take back my white man tirade but judging by his neck, me doth think he's abit long in the tooth for our Holly Jean, no?

    Call me 10.56

  9. :) Hey Tim,
    Yes, u are right, I am following my heart. And I guess u know me well enough to know what I'm like when I like someone a lot... I just don't have that self-imposed inner breaking system... so I go full speed.

    People come from all camps on this one. Some say to take your time,tread carefully. yet some others say you just have to take the risk of falling in love.

    Anonymous10:56 -> Thank you, I appreciate your comments, and I know you have my best interest at heart.

    Mark is older than me. But I've been debating this Older Man thing for a while now, and I've dated quite a few of them, and I must say I have found myself more inclined towards them. I just happened to find one that fit.

    My readers know that the minute I'm treated badly, or without respect, I'm out of there. So no worries on that front. Like everyone else, I too am just looking for happiness.

    I'm happy with myself as an individual... no one can occupy herself as happily as I do ( It's been 5 months since I resigned from my job, and I'm still "busy"). But I do get another level of meaning to life when I have someone to think about and consider and live life with.
    ANother layer of happiness.

  10. I seriously think you should give hot blonde women a chance and post pics.

    kk thx

  11. Anonymous4:45 pm

    happy for u babe...



  12. Anonymous2:22 am

    hey holly, i've recently been scouting for some designs as well as my boyfriend has just bought an apartment and i'm so excited about decorating it.. and i gotta say, really nice stuff you've chosen! :)


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