I have been single for slightly more than a year now, 384 days to be exact.
I am amazed at the amount of first dates I've been on in the past year. I have lost count. Many many great men of fantastic calibre. But not a right fit.
Some people thought I was single because I'm an independent woman who doesn't want a man, some people thought I was just a party girl who didn't want commitment.
But ask my closest of friends.. they know that I want nothing more than to be in a loving committed relationship. These 384 days have been the longest stretch of singlehood I've ever had in my adult life.
And you know what? I wouldn't trade it for anything. I've learnt a lot about other people and myself. And most of all, it has made me very grateful to have finally found someone that fits.
(Be patient, Mark will be revealed in time to come)
There's probably nothing worse in a relationship than taking things (and your partner) for granted. And if he had come along earlier on in my life, I don't think I would be at this stage, this frame of mind.
His appearance now could not have been more perfect. I had just stopped looking. Stopped dating new people. Was thinking of just settling with one of the men I was already dating and just make that work.
Those readers who wrote in contesting my dating approach- where I'd date many men at one time and eliminate until it was down to one (or none!) ... - they were right. When you meet the right person, things get so apparently clear, it's not a process of elimination, it's not a checklist, it's not about weighing someone up against others. I don't know what it is... but I can tell you, it's nothing short of magic.
So you can imagine what it was like when suddenly, I found what I had been looking for all along. Someone whom I thought didn't exist. It's a blessing, relief, utter happiness and sweet sweet contentment all rolled into one. Magic.


  1. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Mark? the Dutch? the teacher Mark?

  2. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Mark has huge palms!

  3. Anonymous5:14 pm

    I don't think there was anything wrong in your dating approach, I'm sure you have learnt much from that experience and to me, I feel that it kinda solidifies your expectations with each elimination. Congratulations on finding happyness!

  4. i've been following ur blog.. reading all about ur love quest.. and now when u have found the one ur looking for..
    i'm happy for you..
    so never let the magic goes away..
    as u may not have a second chance to seize it again..
    all the best.. :D

  5. Anonymous8:44 pm

    That's great news.

    But to announce love so soon?

    There's huge difference between a fantastic first couple of weeks, and true love.

    But that's just my view.

    Really hope it keeps going as well.

  6. anonymous4:09 - No.. just Mark as in a simple name.

    anonymous 5.01pm- haha. just the camera angle I guess, I was balancing it on my milkshake glass! His hands are pretty normal :)

    Jakob- Yes, I have learnt a lot from my dating approach. thank you for not judging me like many others have.

    blurr33- Thank you for joing me on my journey.. I hope it has taught/touched.. or at least .. entertained you thus far :) I hope to have many more great experiences to blog about :)

    anonymous8.44- oh.. we've been together only 1 week plus. I never mentioned love in my post.. even I know that would be too naive. But I described it as magic as that's pretty much how I feel about all these emotions rolled up into one. not love yet.. but very promising.

  7. Anonymous1:12 pm

    Happy for you! :)

  8. Anonymous5:29 pm

    hehe this post made me smile :)

    been reading for quite awhile but never commented.. so here i am, just cos i started smiling as i read more of the post!

    happy for you :))

  9. Thank you Dee and jojo for commenting.

    Sometimes I write to entertain, somtimes I write to express how I am feeling.

    And because of the comments and emails from readers, I really do feel as if they too have been with me on this journey... and they genuinely feel a little bit of tht magic I'm feeling right now.

    I'm a happy girl.

  10. Anonymous11:34 am

    i don't think he's going to be the right one for you. the vibe i get from the pic is not right.

  11. Anonymous3:29 pm

    hey! Glad to see you're happy. You deserve the best.

  12. Anonymous6:19 pm

    girl!!! So happy for you...anon needs to be kicked in the nuts/bitch-slapped...anywho...see ya soon! muacks--nn


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