Good Times Bad Times, Give Me Some Of That

Just spent 2 lazy.. but wonderful days staying over at Mark's. We're learning more and more about each other (annoying habits, sleeping habits, pet peeves). And, though I must say not everything is perfect about us for each other, we're communicating and compromising very well.

I have such a good vibe about him. I just feel like writing about all the things we did, how great I felt around him... how i actually can see a happy future with him... BUT I do know that it's only been 2 weeks........ so I just have to keep it in for a while, otherwise people will mock me and be rooting for it to fail.

I'm off to the dentist soon. My appointment is at 10.30am! :( *frown*

My lower right wisdom is 3/4 of the way out, and the last 1/4 is still under the gum, and the gum is really sore. I am not sure if I will get just the troubled one out, or just yank both the lower ones out since they are both in the same position, and i know it's only a matter of time before my left one starts to give problems.

BUT I have a shoot on Saturday. So I am afraid of swelling. So maybe I will just get the x-ray done today (please God, don't let me have monstrous roots) and get them extracted next week when I have no shoots. But then again... Mark & I are planning a trip soon, so it would be better to get it out now...

I'm scared :(

Life is one great big juggling act isn't it. But at least for me, for now, it's a happy one (despite impending horrific jaw pain).


  1. Anonymous5:03 pm

    hamsem dentist, no? LOL --nn

  2. Anonymous5:23 pm

    good times bad times give me some of that.. hahaha. edie brinkle rite?

  3. hey nn.. nooo... of course i didn't go to that handsome dentist you were trying to set me up with! I have a bf now... :) I went to my normal dentsit in bedok, been going there since i was a child.

    anonymous.. yes, i think so.. love the song

  4. Congrats on the current bliss in the romance department! Don't be a pessimist and worry. As Carl Rogers once said, enjoy the "here and now"! Love is not about an end state, but rather it is a process, very much like a journey. Enjoy it and work on the now, then all will fall into place. :)


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