Fancy Dinner and A Shag?

Supperclub (Singapore)
at The Odeon

22 November 2008

The Bar

[Don't know who this guy is... but he insisted on being in the picture :) ]

There are two bars, one upstairs and the other at the main arena. The upstairs bar is spacious with loads of comfortable seats. Full glass windows but my only gripe is that because Supperclub is on the second floor of The Odeon, there's not much of a view really. You just look out to walls of other buildings (Raffles hotel, Raffles City, etc).

The Ambiance
Fantastic use of mood lighting to cast a relaxing glow on the main arena where there are comfortable white beds and plush pillows. There's something about the set up at Supperclub that makes guests feel uninhibited and relaxed. Maybe it's the lighting, maybe it's the beds, maybe it's the music... but all round us were couples cuddling, legs wrapped around each other and plenty of making out all through dinner!

The Food
Even though the atmosphere is relaxed and playful, there was no compromise on the standard of food. They have a surprise 5 course dinner menu each night. (They do accommodate people with special dietary requirements.)
We enjoyed every single dish. We had capaccio, some kind of bisque, deep fried sea bass, roast quail and lemon-butter cake for dessert (yum!).
In our bill, the food alone was $185.30 , so that's about $90 plus per head.. for 5 courses. Pretty good value. Expect to spend about $300 for 2 people including a few drinks.

The Entertainment
I would have preferred something more Cirque du Soleil, because of the whole ethereal feel of the place ... but it turned out to be more of a Court-Jester-flashing-his-pasty-white-bum type entertainment. Nevertheless, everyone had a good giggle.
There's nothing else quite like this in Singapore! To truly enjoy your experience at the Supperclub, you need to go there with an open mind, a thirst for the avant garde and an appetite for really good food.


Tel: +65 63344080


Anonymous said…
LOL, the biggest FARCE i've ever seen in my life? turned out that asian is a malay-chinese mix?

fucking superficial, materialistic, piece of twat. why do you need all that publicity for? so show us how oh-so-glamorous your ang moh boyfriend and bacchanalian trysts are?

give us men a break. NONE of the people i know will EVER, be interested in you. people like xiaxue, you, dawnyang, attention-deficit? perpetually showing us on the lil' whinges and gripes about men, worshipping the white. the world has a thousand of other things more important to attend to than your parochial blog.

what a big, filthy disgrace to educated, sassy and beautiful Oriental women.
Holly Jean said…

What do you mean "turned out that asian is a malay-chinese mix?"
I don't know what you are talking about?

Just because i go to dinner at the supperclub, and do a blog review, does it warrant judgement that my evening activities are bacchanalian? By whose narrow standards? What am I supposed to do?? Be ashamed that I had a nice evening out out? What is your problem?

FUNNY you should label my blog "parochial" when you obviously have some issues with the way other people choose to live their lives, and you display a rather insular attitude toward foreigners ("the white").
Are you perhaps... a comedian?
Anonymous said…
Hey Holly
I wonder why you even replied to that farcical, he doesn't deserve any attention from you. I wonder why he is giving you such attention when "NONE of the people he know will EVER, be interested in you". He probably doesn't belong to that group of people he knows.
Everyone has the right to be "bacchanalian", "parochial" and "worship the white" if they choose to, although we know you are not such a person. I don't know what's his problem either, but it's not your's of my problem.
Anyway, you and Mark look great together, and my best wishes goes to both of you! :D I reserve my comments about supperclub though lol.
Holly Jean said…
anonymous 9:43am - I always reply... cos i hate to just take things dished out to me, esp when I feel it's unjust.

But i do see where you're coming from. thank you.
Anonymous said…
easy boy... i taste resentment here... :)

hey Jean, u r good looking... r u naturally tanned?? cos i wanna look tann too. hehee..

drinks is fine for clubs like supper... but food realli over-rated... :P


Anonymous said…
Hi Holly :)

Mark looks very jewish! Kinda like Jeff Goldblum.

Thanks for the review - was great, though not quite sure about lying down and eating at the same time :)
Holly Jean said…
d-guy next door--> strange.. i'm the complete opposite. I thought the drinks were so-so. but i enjoyed the food. !!! diff strokes for diff folks huh.


yes Jessica, he is jewish! How perceptive of you.
Anonymous said…
"Just because i go to dinner at the supperclub, and do a blog review, does it warrant judgement that my evening activities are bacchanalian? By whose narrow standards? "

> rofl. amusing. i wasnt particularly referring to the supper club. i was making a generic quip to your blog. all your sexual allusions towards your male boyfriend, along with this obsession over how "chivalrous", or how "you're attracted to white men who speak good english".

eg: Saturday, April 05, 2008
White Men Can't Jump. Well, Neither Can I.

oh-puh-leese. you expect us to feign some foreign lilt? ever observed how politically correct Hongkongers and Cheenamen sound when they speak english? that kind of bastardised inflection in their tongue? seriously, many of us here can speak perfect, Queen's english, many our TOEFL scores easily trounce many of our english counterparts.

the key here is code-switching. why must we be afraid to embrace our own brand of Singlish? its people like you who're obviously insecure, thinking that Singaporean english have NO accent, no basis for comparision. has it ever occured to you that our unadulterated way of speaking itself IS an accent?

then my question for you: do you think the majority of us, in the middle to top echelons of the society, cant speak gramatically, prim and proper english?

me a comedian? nah. your profession is way beneath mine to even qualify.
Anonymous said…
i really shouldn't interfere with your opinion toward Holly, but i have nothing better to do so i shall put in my two pennys' worth. :)

you are unfair in your judgement towards Holly.

it is not wrong to prefer "white men who speak good English". it does not mean she thinks all white men speaks good english and all singaporeans don't. it just means that if a "white man" doesn't speak good english, he's probably also out of her qualifying criteria. it is not wrong to qualify a partner based on your preferred mode of communication.

on the other hand, it is not wrong for her to feel more comfortable with a culture (of the "white men" generally) that suits her personality better. i am in a good position to speak for her in this aspect because i don't prefer "white men" myself but i do notice my own preference of certain general racial culture, esp when it comes to dating men.

having said this, i also know that Holly gets along very well with many local guy friends. Holly is not discriminating anybody, but you are discriminating her.
Anonymous said…
>anonymous: let me leave with you something that she wrote, verbatim, " But I find that a lot of Singaporean men cannot do that. They can only switch between Singlish and not very good English. I find that extremely grating to my ears, and very off putting. "

"Holly is not discriminating anybody, but you are discriminating her.

as aforementioned. i appreciate your comments anon, so why dont you persuade Holly to migrate off with her fantastic boyfriend, stop leeching off the Singaporean government and its capable leaders.

its called being a free-loader: professing to like white men, yet continually access to Singapore's efficacious governance. go off to your faraway land, bear children who know of NO origins, and stay far away from us. go dilute yourself. ever heard of a pinoy-chinese-eurasian-portugese ancestry? you're en route.
Anonymous said…
Hi farcical,

I think that the reason why girls like Holly and I find it difficult to date local men here is because many have a similar mindset to the one you have.

And do, it really isn't about race for us.

Most expats here tend to be more independent, more-open minded and also more like-minded to girls like us who would not mind having children of pinoy-chinese-eurasion-portugese ancestry.

It seems that you are the only one that cares about race here.

Think about it. Your comments, especially the 'pinoy-chinese-eurasion-portugese ancestry' one smacks of xenophobia and racisim.

Should it matter?

You are allowed to choose whoever you want to date, so I think you should respect our choices.

In fact, date someone from another country for a change, it might open up your eyes a bit.

Also, being politically-correct has nothing to do with one's accent.
Anonymous said…
i am kind of afraid that if i continue talking to you, you are going to discriminate me too. lol.

i actually agree that a lot of singaporeans can't speak good english. in Holly's post, she was talking about men, so she used "singaporean men". i cannot speak very good english myself (although i write ok, i hope), not as well as Holly anyway. and i am actually considered good in english among most of my singaporean peers. she may have found bad english off putting, but it doesn't mean that she is discriminating against singaporeans, or me. :D it is just a quality she does not want in her partner and most singaporeans guys (gals too) have this quality.

as for migrating, it is her personal choice. i don't see any contradiction in her keeping her fantastic boyfriend and staying on in Singapore if she thinks she is happy here. she loves her friends and many of them are local. (ok Holly, I am assuming that last sentence lol.)

Btw Holly, in case you are wondering, I just happened to read your blog again. This is Cynthia from TS (aka anon 2.58pm).
Anonymous said…
> Jessica,

haha. you think of me as xenophobic? think of the american's lynching of blacks in the early 1900s, the wildcard Barack Obama, how(admittedly impressive) he managed to win presidency. why should it all be a huge surprise?

you purport that im prejudiced against whites. look at it this way: no one is completely aracial. the reason why women have less prejudices is because they have less of the "ego-complex" in them. to women, all they need is a lovey-dovey, liberal, caring, sensitive and swashbuckling man. women have less of what i call, "posssessive-raciality".

ask the Danes of Muslim immigrants wanting to date their local women. and why france is tightening immigration laws. or why japanese prostitutes seldom mate with men of other races. similarly, think on why blacks and blondes caused such a huge furore. its not just endemic in this society, you know? its everywhere.

you think your urbane white male professional is more open-minded, receptive to racial miscegenation? think again. ask what he truly feels when big black dongs start to snag their local white women.

if the general population of men think that way in this world, does that make me exclusively bigoted, or less capable a male?

Anonymous said…
What do you want from Holly Jean, Farcical? If there's nothing you want but to air your NUS FASS Soci views, maybe you should get your own blog. Or are you too insecure to have one, you know, afraid to take on the responsibility for your opinions.

In any case, you're beginning to get really tiresome; haters always loooovee leeching on HJ's comments box. Maybe, for that few days that you do, you get to feel like you matter in this world to some other human beings.

Guess what, you're the fucking twat. Go find somewhere else to play, in other words FUCK OFF.
Anonymous said…
Hey Holly! First time commenting here! :)

I guess this is the way the Internet works. People can leave such disgusting comments anonymously without taking responsiblities for their words.

Dating is a choice. A personal preference. I don't see how a preference towards "white men who speak good english" amounts to being a "fucking superficial, materialistic, piece of twat". What's with publicity? it's her blog.

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that. It is Men like YOU who puts Women off from dating local guys. Please spare us your selective perception and judgements of somebody you don't even know.

Holly, you have my support!
Holly Jean said…
To: Cynthia and all the anonymous readers.

I apologise if you have been subjected to the same rude remarks and childish petulance as I have been receiving from Farcical.

It isn't your battle, and yet you spoke up for me. For that, I am appreciative and I thank all of you.


To farcical

My children will have a great sense of heritage and origin no matter who my spouse is and where in the world I choose to bring them up.

Since you are so interested in my origins (or alleged lack of origin) I suggest you read->

so that any future overtly confident statements that you purport on my heritage will be informed statements rather than the blind (albeit confident but wrong) stabs you have been making. "malay-chinese mix" and "pinoy-chinese-eurasian-portugese".


you mentioned "its people like you who're obviously insecure, thinking that Singaporean english have NO accent"

I never said anything about accents.. ever. Just because you assume that a Singaporean accent is akin to speaking bad english... does not mean that I do too.

And to answer your question -> " do you think the majority of us, in the middle to top echelons of the society, cant speak gramatically, prim and proper english?"

No. I do not think so and have never thought so. I do not have the relevant data (borken down to such particular demographics) to make such a statement and neither do you.

In general I have found that Singaporeans do not speak very good english. For a life partner, I am not attracted to men who speak bad english. Whether they are white or black or asian or whatever.

Bad or Good is relative. And of course, I am going to judge based on my own standards. You cannot possibly expect me to judge based on yours.
Anonymous said…
to anonymous @ 4:39 PM, November 26, 2008: i think you're truly a personification of this word "farcical". you dont know what im trying to imply, or even postulate? and you give a comment like this:

In any case, you're beginning to get really tiresome; haters always loooovee leeching on HJ's comments box.

wow, thats extremely intelligent. talk to my hand?
and yes, i aint anywhere near an NUS grad. try oxbridge law?


HJ> What do you mean good english in exactitude? i presume its clear and concise enunciation? many of my graduate friends can converse in decent, if not good english thank you. i suppose you belong to the "graduate society"?

i mean, singlish has always been part and parcel of our Singaporean heritage. why must we desist from it? even my lawyer-ly colleagues arent ashamed of speaking Singlish, but when they are in court its obviously a different case. code-switching, they call it.

so what is it so appealing about the Ang Moh Accent? is it the grandiloquence?
objectively, i would say that singaporean scholars in oxbridge are on par, if not better than their counterparts.

similarly, i appreciate my woman speaking good english, and i dont have a trouble snagging a girl who meets that criteria. perhaps your comments are not fair against us males?
Tim said…
Farcical, Farcical, Farcical.

You have so much to learn my silly little boy.

Anyone who’d been to Oxford or Cambridge to study law would never have written what you’ve written today. Or did your professors just give up on first sight when they met you?

You say other countries are racist as a way of justifying your own racism? Wow, that's a winning argument. You're such a smart lad!

HJ leaching off the state? When? How? Was that when she was a state teacher for three years? Or some other time perhaps? Maybe you're referring to some welfare benefit she's claiming that the rest of us don't know about?

And all that Nazi-esk talk about pure blood, and diluting origins... you make it sounds like your family history stretches back a thousand years into medieval Viking times. But we all know you’re just a scrawny little local fuck who spends most of their time jerking off to western porn.

Grow up, grow some balls, then hire yourself a Caucasian hooker... it might make you feel like you’ve balanced the scales somewhat, and stop all this nonsense you’ve been spouting today.
Anonymous said…

WOW, i graduated with a first class BA in law? thats how much you know? do you have any idea what that thing means? you plebian.

and what have you? a long history of getting streat-meat in Asia. continually interacting with the dregs of asia, Cambodian prostitutes, harlots. wow, im so proud of your sexcapades. but no thank you, my lawyerly girl is way better than ANY slag you've been in contact with. need a cookie to reassure yourself?

and yes, when you're a foreigner, dont get too meddlesome you know? cause you know naught about singapore. HJ herself knows what it means to stay in Singapore, be it the tangible or unseen benefits.

get lost, nitwit.
Tim said…

You spelt "street" incorrectly.

How old are you? Have you stolen the password to daddy's computer?
Anonymous said…
I don't prefer Singaporean men and I do find that a majority of them can't speak good English. Most think they can code-switch but only a few can sucessfully.

Had dated a couple of Singaporean guys and I am not impressed.
Prefer to date expats but not white expats. By that I mean Asian expats but only those who can speak good English...mostly Asian American like myself.

Why does a first class BA in law have so much time in his hands to post such hateful remarks about HJ when she has done nothing to him? Why does HJ's preference for Caucasian bother him? No life perhaps?
Anonymous said…
Wow. Holly, your blog looks fun. i mean the whole blog, not just the comments here lol. i will try to visit regularly and comment too. you take care and enjoy life. :) you and Mark looks like a good pair. congrats and you have my best wishes.
Anonymous said…
Hey Holly,
Hilarious reading Farcical's meandering, strange, incoherent and utterly BARMY comments. heh.

Ignore him/her yah. Whoever he is, he's got the hugest hang-up i've ever seen, prob stemming from being really ugly, unloved, pimple-ridden and alone.

The online world allows scum like this to surface - as a public blogger - you're most vulnerable to attacks such as this. Disregard them and see them for the low-level, cowardly attacks they are and keep on writing the way have been: genuine, honest pieces that come from the heart.

Anonymous said…
Mmm.. Farcical, do i detect a touch of Penis Envy- is your 2incher giving you some issues?

Oh well, why not console yourself by becoming a very successful lawyer and buy yourself a big penis substitue car and stick copies of your exam certificates all over it!

Maybe you could even ban foreigners from Singapore to help you get an level playing field?
Anonymous said…
On no, i really shouldn't fuel the debate, i really shouldn't, i really shouldn't - bad dee! But I was just lazily scrolling and saw Farcical's claim of Oxbridge Law and I totally cracked up! hehe

Then later his use of "purported" got me going again - hell, he's a seinfeld in his own right! :)

Farcical, if you're out there: you're right, you are farcical in your sad pretentions of intellectual elitism as evidenced by your meandering, confusing and outdated references to cross-cultural and world events. And is this how you prop your sad sense of ego? By pathetically trotting out claims (CLAIMS, i repeat, CLAIMS) to having schooled at a premier institution? And why do you do this? Because otherwise, the lack of logic in your rambling statements would show you to be the myopic nitwit you truly are?

Heh, hell this is fun. Sorry Holly, i know i shouldn't have. :P
Anonymous said…
Last one, I promise, Holly.

To Farcial:

When we speak of education, do note that more than just cultivating one's analytical and logical prowess, education also seeks to create cultivated beings - a people who through graciousness and collective wisdom seek to make the world a bit better - no matter how cliched it may sound.

Your cowardly, vindictive and petty attacks on Holly's blog reveals a small, inward looking mind, focused on vindictive trivialities that degrade you. It's sad. You're sad.

Move on, get out of here, think about the comments you've elicited through your petty posts and re-evaluate the education you claim to be receiving. For, you appear awfully uneducated right now in our eyes.
Anonymous said…
Nuff said... but IMHO Farcical is a stinikin' racist and very narrow-minded one, who needs to get laid to relize all that buit-up tension... Seriously, man, get out there and do something about it cos nobody wants to read your comments! And as someone noticed here before, for a lawyer, you've got suspiciously way too much time on your hands to read a blog that you don't even like.

To Holly: love your blog, a friend shared a link with me few days ago & i've been hooked up since! Keep up the good work!:)

PS: being a Eurasian myself, I believe that all races are equal and with globalization & migration all over the world, it is ridiculous to hear someone talking about preserving "pure-blood"...
Anonymous said…

rofl. you're the biggest joke i've seen. i've never seen anyone who launches a verbal vitriol without any substantive statement.

and i supposed to be insulted by your "he's got the hugest hang-up i've ever seen, prob stemming from being really ugly, unloved, pimple-ridden and alone." comment?

at least Holly jean herself dishes out REASONS. cheers for basic reasoning! ;)
Unknown said…
someone needs a hug.
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
Farcial is a white men...who's jealous about not being able to get HJ...i'm quite certain..the language used..the writing him all away...
Anonymous said…
WAHAHAHA Oxbridge!! "i aint anywhere near an NUS grad", confirm lor LOL, cos its much lower!! Epic Fail!! I think farcical is just "attention deficit" seeking attention. Law my ass, maybe at PSLE Level, if there's such a thing.
Unknown said…
Haha. Miss Holly, don't feed the troll.
Anonymous said…
Did i hit a soft spot? Hee
Anonymous said…

Let's Live and Let live.

Your scrawny local boy comments is uncalled for.
And correcting people's spelling error and calling people little boy who stole his dad's account?
What a LOW blow.. But I guess you have had many encounters of that with your cambodia and vietnamese and singapore white meat lovers.

Can i do the same to you? ..Give you a low blow.
You spell leech wrongly.
"HJ leaching off the state? When? How?"
Notti boy, did you stole the password from your dad's computer as well?
Anonymous said…
to the latest anon 6.59

This is hilarious.
"Did you steal the password..."

WE all put ourselves on the pedestal, don't we?

Hi Holly! You are so pretty!
Anonymous said…
farcical = wanker
Anonymous said…
FARCICAL...come out come out wherever you are...

I am anon 'talk to my hand' to whom you declared your fictitious 'oxbridge law', or wait, is it REALLY Camford Lor?

And seriously, no one with Oxford or Cambridge calibre would ever, have brains the size of your peanuts nor the time that you have dedicating to some bitch you hate so much. Trust me, I have friends in there and they have NO time, unless, like I said, you're either terrible at what you do or you dropped out, or you're really from Camford, which by the way, you should check out because they have some really good English classes at Clementi.

Go check it out; it might do you some good. And if I ever hear from you again, I will slap you with my NTU MSc.

What a fucking loser.
Anonymous said…
I expected to see 38 comments about the supperclub in this post... but i clicked the comments, and it turns out it's 38 comments on Holly Jean's love life... again. lol
Anonymous said…
I agree with Anon 6:69 PM's take on Tim's comment.

Picking up on someone's misspelling and be nasty about it when it could have easily been a typo does sound a tad mean and petty.

And his comment on 'scrawny little local fuck' does sound racist to me. So just because Asian men have smaller frame does not scrawny and little they make.

Maybe he wanted to come in as HJ's defender, but with that sniggering holier than thou attitude of his, he ended up sounding as childish as what he was attacking at.

Anonymous said…

You look great. And your tips are always so helpful.


Oxbridge law, I'm sure..righhhttttt. And even if so, so what? Do I care? Do we care?

You sound like a total dimwit which you are. Just live with the fact that some people just know how to enjoy life a little more than you do.

now bugger off, brainless internet troll.
Anonymous said…
Anoymous @ 11:13 AM, November 30, 2008

Your comment is ROFL haha.

Seriously, farcical, so what if you hate her and her post? This is HER blog and if you dislike it then DON'T COME IN lor, simple as that. This is HER BLOG and she can write anything she likes, instead of pandering to YOUR WIERD, GOOFY TASTE. This is someone esle's lawn for goodness sake. Would you have someone fault you for planting orchids in your own lawn?

If you choose to come in, dont make noise. If you want to make noise, don't come in. Let people who enjoy her post continue to do so uninterrupted by random buggers/trolls.
Anonymous said…
*Sighs.. Whatever it is so be it.. go have some beer and get a life.. No point flaming other's blog, just leave her alone.