All Eyes On Me

At only S$18 per pair (US$14), sglenses has the best deals when it comes to cosmetic contact lenses! And just look at the cute case which is free with every two pairs purchased!

Sglenses caters to a whole range of degrees (-0.00 to -9.50), designs and colour. They keep updating their catalogue. You can get tri-coloured contact lenses, GEO angel eyes, Magic Circle, Tear lenses, Honey Wings, Special photo lenses, animation lenses (great for parties) as well as conventional soft contact lenses.
Please visit for the full range available (with pics).
Ordering through email is simple. Click here for FAQ.
Payment is through PayPal or Bank Transfer.

You make a pre-order and they bulk purchase (hence the attractive price!) the lenses from Korea (beware of stuff manufactured in China).
A few days ago, my package arrived! (It took 3 weeks)

(pic above) Me wearing Geo Tri colour Brown
(pic below) Me wearing TEAR lens

But what I really want to rave about is the Tear Lens! It gives your pupils a wet pool of water type effect. So your eyes look glistening... and oh so appealing...
These permanent lenses (not monthy dispoables) are comfortable throughout the day and require normal cleaning ( as with your run of the mill soft contact lenses).
Go on.. pop by and pick out a pair (or two) for yourself today. Isn't it time to have.. All Eyes On You? :0)


  1. Anonymous4:54 am

    Interesting stuff, however the bright colors on that site have blinded me. Won't be needing them now.

  2. Anonymous9:02 am

    You have beautiful eyes. my eyes so small... no point!?

  3. the 2nd one looks ... scary

  4. Studies have shown that while handwashing is important in reducing the risk of eye infections, most infections occur by storing contact lenses in overused, undercleaned contact lens cases. Clean cases equal clean lenses and clean lenses equal greater comfort.


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