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As someone who does most of her shopping online, I am thrilled to find that St701 caters to a wide spectrum of needs that anyone could have!

This website is the e-marketplace for jobs, property, cars, products and services.

Its clear-cut layout ensures that whatever you need to look for is just a click away. On the main page, you will find 4 tabs leading to Jobs, Cars, Property and Shops.

My personal favourite is, of course, the Shops tab. A whole host of retailers providing both off and online shopping. Under the Pets section there are grooming services, pet sitters and pet products. And I'm glad to see that they even have a section for Pet Adoption! Go take a look... see if you can provide a loving home for a cute bunny, cat or doggie. :)

Today however, given our current economic climate, and the fears of retrenchment and the state of singapore recruitment, I'm going to highlight the Jobs section.

At St701 singapore jobs, you can browse the job listings based on Job Catergories (Sales, Finance, HR, Marketing, IT...) or Job Levels (Non-management, Management, Senior Management).

There are so many Jobs in Singapore available to locals and foreigners. This is the site for you if you are currently unemployed, employed but looking for a change or a fresh graduate. The website even has a section for discussion on Salaries, Workplace Politics, etc.
It caters to people looking for part time positions as well. So students on your school holiday break... do check out the various retail, admin, service positions available.

So what are you waiting for?

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