My First Artistic Nudes

Do you like my new blog mast? Very different from the previous blue water one... but somehow both give me a similar calm ethereal type feeling.

Here are a few other photographs from my artistic nude shoot on my birthday weekend (a week and a half ago)... I can't put the whole collection on because the rest are a wee bit too revealing for a public blog.... so in my drawer they shall stay :)

What do you think? Not pornish right... tastefully done yes?? Oh well... I'm happy... it was a great experience!

Pictures taken by Emile Guertin on the 28th of September 2008.

I've not put in any watermarks, but images are copyright ok... Please do not reuse without permission.


  1. Anonymous1:42 am

    Beautiful stuff, too bad you can't post all the photos here. Would love to see them.

    Been wanting to shoot something like this but ain't experienced enough and lucky enough to meet sporting people who'd want to do it.

  2. Anonymous2:16 am

    nice stuff jean..wonder when can i get my model doing that for me? *stares into the blank*

  3. Anonymous10:40 am



  4. I still can't really figure out what the first pics is... Maybe I am not horny enough? Haha, joking.. joking... I know nuts bout photography but it looks pretty decent. ^_^

  5. Anonymous11:07 am

    i guess the 1st pic is two legs close together. looks nice. but if put some oil on your body when u took these pics. then it will look really hot.

  6. you got an angel on your back, damn sexy!!!

  7. Nice pixs! - Love the angel tattoo on your back.

    On a side note, the photographer must be one lucky chap! Heh.

  8. great photos!

    too bad only get to see the preview!

    that's an interesting bday present!

  9. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Wow!! Real gd stuff! Credit must be given to the photographer!!
    ya ya.. the model as well : )

    Pls show us more... plsss

  10. yeahh, i prefer your new blog mast! the photos are great, and yupp, like the angel tattoo on your back!

  11. Anonymous6:29 pm

    Hey your body has a hourglass. you're hot. tattoo was nice evrything is perfect. show us more. or u colud blurr the 'not suitable for public blog' part.

  12. huh.. anonymous 6:29 - my body is not hour glass!!! I don't have a shapely figure.

    But it's good enough for me I guess.

  13. Anonymous10:14 pm

    OMG i dint know you have a tatto!

    Nice tatto. Would love to see more, no more of those which you can post up here?

  14. I'll take a second look at the pics tmrw.. and see if I can crop any.. haha.

  15. quite sensual, i like the last picture, its a good pic, the best out of the three :)

    - skyyyyyy

  16. Anonymous9:45 pm

    don't know mush about photography.. but it takes balls to pose nude...

    anyway.. the 2nd photo makes u look masculine... huhuhu yet.. really sexy XO

  17. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Well, it's kinda like stone sculptures. I prefer oil based look.
    More sexy in my point of view.


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