My Day WIth My Best Friend

I'm sorry.. this is just a diary-like post! Will get back to discussing men and sex and life again soon. But tonight I just feel like telling you how my day went.

Was supposed to go out with Ben today ... but because of poor communication (What d'ya know.. it's the story of my life!) ... plans sort of got flushed down the shitter.

Fortunately, managed to catch up with my best friend Farizan who's down from Indonesia. :) We already watched a movie a couple of days before.. so this time we wanted to do something different.


1. We went to get Farizan some eyelash extensions too! Now we both have pretty lashes! :) Not sure how much longer mine's gonna last though... OK.. I don't actually have any pics of her getting her eyelashes done, because I went shopping for a new moisturiser... while she was getting her lashes done.

2. Then we went down to Little India for yummy Indian curries and naan. Afterwhich, we got our eyebrows threaded. And we did ear candling for the first time. Now that I've done it, I think it's a bit of a bullshit process to be honest. But the place we went to was nice. And they let u suse the couple room .... hmmmm.... Think I might go back for a body scrub or massage.

Above: Farizan. I've not taken enough pictures of her :(

Below: Me. Looking dead.3. I bought a cute T-shirt that has a cartoonish character licking a lolly. And the print reads "I Know How Many Licks It Takes". I'll take a pic when I wear it. Hee hee.

4. Then we walked all the way down to Bugis... and got our Aura Readings from some Chinese Feng Shui type shop (Trust Farizan to know kooky places like these) at the Fu Lou Shou Complex. For $5, they take a picture of you with their special AURA CAMERA (*spooky music*)... and give you a reading based on it. Pretty spot on though!

This is my Aura picture.

[Ok if you're not interested in Aura readings or the supernatural stuff... you can stop reading here. ]

And to summarise the reading:

Right side: Yellow.
The colour on the right side is the energy being expressed by me.
Yellow means the world sees me as a cheerful, happy, playful and carefree person. Yellow represents relaxation and a release from burdens and restriction. (This couldn't be more accurate. I do indeed give people the impression that my life is carefree. And I am at this point of my life no longer unhappily feeling restricted and stifled by my job with MOE.)

Center: Red Orange
The colour in the center (over the head) is what you experience for yourself now.
Red Orange means I want to bring out my originality and creative ideas. I make a lively and entertaining companion. ( YESSS... that's exactly wjat I'm trying to do... not live a life of boring tedium. ANd it's so misunderstood, cos people just think I don't want to work like normal people, but I know I'd just be unhappy being a drone again. Not sure about the lively companion part though... maybe sometimes I can be such a clown! *sad*).

Heart: Gold
The colour of the heart area expresses the energy in teh heart chakra.
A gold heart means I desire joy and spontanaeity. I have a strong sense of personal power yet I have a child like innocence that makes people feel at ease around me.

Sexual Organs: Yellow
The sexual center is the attitude towards love.
Yellow sexual center means that others are attracted to my sense of humour. Life is my playground. I find love easily. I have a curious intellect hungry for excitement.
(ok.... I often say inappropriate things during sex.. Stuff that are probably more appropriate for an episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, rather than the bedroom....and so far... only I seem to think it's funny. So this reading may be a bit off!)

Root: Green.
This is to do with material reality.
Green root expresses healing energy. I may be a wonderful teacher, healthcare worker or parent. Although I am ambitious, sometimes my heart can get in the way and prevent me from attaining professional goals. I may make a million dollars, but I have to watch myself, for I may just give it all away!
( Ding! Ding! Ding! Spot on... except for the giving away a million dollars part! Crazy!)


Overall.. a fun day. Gonna miss Farizan when she goes back to Indonesia :(


  1. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Nah, think we should go back to cocks, tits, and ass.

  2. I can't actually believe I went on to read about the aura thing. Well I read the first paragraph and then couldn't continue but still...

    You believe in that?

  3. I don't know Yash.. I don't really believe in it because.. heck.. a camera tht can photograph your aura .. sounds bullshit to me.

    But the things said abt me were pretty spot on . But i guess all this stuff are general enough so u believe what you make of it...


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