Going To The Chapel of Love?

In this last 1 year of singlehood... I've been on a dating rampage. And although I'm getting awfully tired of it now... the good thing about it is that - I have pretty much found gems of places to find men.

Bars and pubs are not good places to pick up men or women. It's dark and alcohol impairs judgement (so it's only to your advantage if you're the ugly one), there's a lot of competition (people out on the pull). And you'll probably get someone who's fishing at the club... Who knows who they went home with last week, or the week before that, and before that... you get the idea.

So I've put together a list of the best places to meet the best men (or women).

Holly Jean's Top 5 Pick-Up Places

1. Pimp Your Pup at the Park!

It's pretty important for me to have a partner who likes animals, likes dogs. So go... walk your dog at east coast, or any park (which would have your target group of men/women). Don't have a dog? Borrow mine! Have a nice day out, it's good exercise.

It's more difficult to get someone who's out running or jogging (worse still- cycling or rollerblading). They'll be preoccupied with the task at hand and will pass you by. I guess you could try running alongside, or bumping into them??? But it's much easier to get someone who has stopped for a rest on a bench or a drink at a cafe by the beach/park. Alternatively, wait near the carpark, so he'll be done (or just starting) with the run/rollerblading/whatever and isn't preoccupied at that very moment.

2.Church Check Out!

As a social setting, church is not my cup of tea really. Plus I look like crap at every early sunday morning mass. But some people have found their matches in church. I guess it is easier to work things out with someone with the same rather than opposing religious sentiments???

3. Be a Class Act!

This can be an inexpensive way to meet people. Especially good for people who are a little slower when it comes to making a move... because there's continued contact (week after week) with so many people. Dance? French? Cooking? Yoga!

If you spot someone you like, be friendly! Simle! And then maybe ask him/her to tutor you?? help you out...

4. Find Your Muse at a Museum!
Could work... though Singapore may not be the best place for this. A place with a generally low volume of people would mean the odds of finding someone appealing are not in your favour.

5. The Bookstore Bounty Hunt!

You can stake out the best shelves. Though I personally find that the men's magazines bit of Borders is a great place... much higher Man traffic than most other shelves. I look out for the man who picks up the "intelligent" magazines, or photography, car, sports and fitness magazines. I give the ones who paw through magazines like MAXIM a skip. (yuck!)Good idea to skip this one too. :)

So there you have it... my top 5 decent places to meet men (or women).
Have Fun!! Good Luck!!!

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  1. How about a cafe joint like starbucks? Had alot of friends find love there. Though love works in mysterious ways and honestly, it is generally found in the most unexpected place.

  2. That bookstore thing is not workable in places like Malaysia. Full of kids, except in some places like Kinokuniya KLCC. The older generation are lazy in reading

  3. Anonymous2:53 pm

    I met my man in the study room in college. I would not have sat down anywhere, except nearby him, because he was just too gorgeous. :) And sitting there kept me awake too, in between Discounted Cash Flow calculations. But yes, I'd agree...clubs and bars aren't often the best ways to meet men.

  4. Anonymous11:51 am

    u mention b4 you met your current BF at Borders rite??

    so coool. practice what u preach.


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