General Update

Sorry I've not been posting much.

I am feeling shitty because my lower left widom tooth is coming through, and only half is out and the other back half is still embedded under gums. And the gums around the area has swelled up. It hurts.

THAT... and I have a fear of the dentist! I only went for a routine cleaning 3 months ago... so I though I was safe for a while. Crap! I'll wait and see if it sorts itself out on it's own. *fingers crossed*

Tomorrow night, I'll be doing a blog review on the Special Halloween Tour at the Night Safari.

This guided preview tour is courtesy of The Singapore Zoological Gardens/Night Safari and the nice people at [The online version of our local chinese newspapers] (yes, incidentally the same one that posted and pixelised my blog pictures and sensationalised the fact tht I wrote openly about sex in public)


  1. Anonymous6:11 am

    go to see a dentist, it's not going to be ok. sad to hear that!

  2. Anonymous6:12 am

    go to see a dentist, it's not going to be ok by itself. sad to hear that!

  3. Anonymous12:43 pm

    This link is more appropriate and funny:


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