Fun With Boobs

Having had a couple of Penis posts... I think it's time to even it out with a boobie post :)

Holly Jean's Top 10
Random Facts About Breasts

1. The late French porn star Lolo Ferrari has the world's largest breast implants. She had 22 surgeries to make her breasts 73 inches round!

2.The left is usually larger. Like hands, feet and other paired-up body parts, no two breasts are exactly the same size. (mine's the right though)

3. Of all the breasts in the world, four million of them are fake. About two million women in the United States have breast implants, with 250,000 going under the knife each year.

4. The Milky Way Galaxy is so named because the ancient Greeks thought it was made from drops of milk from the breasts of the Greek goddess Hera.

5.Not only do nipples come in varying sizes, they also point in different directions, depending on their structure and where the areola sit on the breasts.

6. Perky little tits have the most sensation because the nerve fibre is less stretched. Evidently, the bigger or droopier the breast, the longer you stretch the nerve fibre the less amount of sensation is passed along.

7.Some women can reach orgasm via breast stimulation (And guys, Don't you forget this)

8.Three nipples are quite common. This non-functioning nipple is usually smaller and located lower on the body than the main pair.It generally looks more like a freckle than a nipple, which is why many people who have one don't even know it. (lily Allen and Mark Wahlberg have them. Go check yours!)

9.All women have some degree of nipple hair.

10. A survey made by bra maker Triumph found that British women have the biggest boobs in Europe. D cup or larger.

*Random facts may or may not have actual scientific backing :)