The Penis Post [Part 2]

Holly Jean's Top 10 Random Penis Facts

10. There are two types of penises. A GROWER expands and lengthens when erect. A SHOWER appears big most of the time, but doesn't get much bigger when erect.

9. An international Men's Health survey reports that 79 percent of men have growers, 21 percent have showers.

8. You can break a Penis
Yes it's true... a penis may not have a bone but you can still break it. It's called penile fracture. Happens from wanking too hard or when a woman (or perphaps man... or animal) moves too violently while on top of him. 7. Largest penis in the animal kingdom: 11 feet (blue whale)
I'd like to see you beat that! (Pun intended)

6. Average speed of ejaculation: 28 miles per hour

5. Smoking can decrease the size of your erection by up to 1 cm! Somking limits the bloodflow to the penis... (So if the cancer ain't stoping you... maybe this will!)
4. Largest recorded natural male penis is 13 inches.

3. 75% of men have their penis hanging to the left in their pants.

2. One in every 400 men is flexible enough to suck his own penis. ( I hope I don't get with one.. he'd put me out of a job! haha)

1. All men at some point in their life have attempted to suck their own penis. But only about 1 in every 400 will admit to having tried it.

**Random facts may or may not be actual facts with scientific backing :)

OK.. phase over. I shall stop obsessing about penises for now. Next up... "All The Things I'll Do On My Birthday Weekeend, Which Clashes With The F1 Weekend, Which I Don't Have Tickets To, But My Best Friend Is Coming Over From Indonesia and It's My Dog's Birthday As Well" post. I may have to tweak the title a bit... it seems a tad too long at the moment :)


  1. I am a stra8 dude, but I just learned some of the facts regarding my tail at this post! Harharhar

  2. Nice facts about the penis. Ha....Ha...

  3. things that i didnt know (which i AM supposed to know) about my member, iknow all here. Hahahaz


  4. Anonymous4:30 pm

    seems like Holly is really into bananas. good luck

  5. haha.... this, I admit.. is really interesting facts!!

  6. One in every 400 men is flexible enough to suck his own penis. ( I hope I don't get with one.. he'd put me out of a job! haha)
    All men at some point in their life have attempted to suck their own penis. But only about 1 in every 400 will admit to having tried it.

    How do they know that all men have tried it if they don't admit it?

    And are the 1 in 400 who admit the same ones who are able to do it? do they take pride in being able to do that?

  7. Anonymous11:33 am

    Hi gal happy birthdae! u r bery sexy!

  8. Anonymous4:20 pm

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  13. Anonymous5:48 pm

    ps: ive been noticing u for quite some time in school.. i think im in love with my teacher

  14. HUh? who are you? I haven't been teaching in school for the last 6 months. (I quit)... in case you haven't noticed THAT. :) haha

  15. Anonymous10:16 pm

    i know u quit but i miss u badly.. please come back to changkat..i've been watching u from far and admiring u silently.. btw u taught me before..

  16. rofl at the guy above. raging kid hormones.

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