Fuck, Where?

Here are my top 10 best places to have sex (other than a comfortable bed with clean white sheets, a soft duvet and heavy pillows...mmm)

[yes, yes, I've considered options like the mile high club, the cinema, the beach, and public restrooms.. but only these make my top ten list!]

Holly Jean's Top 10 Best Places To Have Sex

10. In the shower
It's convenient and you get to scrub each other's back. If you have more time, think scented scrubs, think of hands lubed up with shower gel gliding over your body in a gentle caress.

9. In the men's fitting room
This is just quick fun... and a challenge if it's a small fitting room. I'm sure rooms with 3 full-length mirrors work best!!!

8. In a tent
I would love to pitch a tent and feel like a kid again... only this time... a very naughty kid.

7. In a moving vehicle
Don't have sex in a stationary car, like people who can't afford hotel rooms. BJs on the go...yo.

6. In the Library
I imagine that shelves(of any sort) and stacks of books give good leverage.

5. In a stable, on bales of hay
I have never been in a hay filled stable... all I envision are scenes cropped out of movies and tv shows. SO in my stable, it does not smell of horse shit, it is cool and dry, there are huge bales of hay... and I mean HUGE. Cowboy boots and cowboy hat.

4. Hotel Room
Nothing better than doing it in a foreign bed. And not have to make the bed after!

3. Rooftop of a tall building
It's outdoor and you're exposed to elements such as the warm sunshine and the wind (it's even better in the rain... slippery and sensual bodies sliding against each other) .... yet so high up that you're away from intruders or onlookers. Which to me is the best balance of danger and privacy.

2. In his office
Love a man in a smart suit. Love taking it off him. The tie is a great double for a blind fold or cuffs. A man in a position of power is a DEFINITE turn on for me.

1. On the deck of a yacht
This is my ideal love making place. At night, under the stars, out at sea, with the ocean swaying gently and ever so rhythmic. This is for sure on my to do list... but of course, I'm waiting for the right moment for this (and the right person... duh!)


  1. LOL.. OMG!!! u're making the guys reading ur post go high gal.. XD
    btw, my fav spot will be the kitchen. XD i dunno why.. hahahaha..

  2. Option no. 7 is kinda dangerous.

  3. Nice, i love sex in the shower in a hotel room then move on to bed after. i prefer long intimate sex and quickies can be lotsa fun too.

  4. well thats something!... dont want on top of a tree ah?.lol.

  5. ..sure?

    I wonder who will follow suit by blogging... top 10 place not to have sex..

  6. Anonymous9:19 pm

    lol.....hi Jean...I was recommended by JunJun to come read your post.

    I must say this post is rather..uh.. informative....^.^

  7. seductive gal....meow!!

  8. Ola Nuffnanger!

    Hehehe AMAZING! Yea, life's too short to have sex in typical places! And since sex is the one thing (almost, coz there are outliers with everything) everyone loves doing...might was well be creative with it!

    Still, you can do better than "the shower" why not...on an African Safari, or...in the Swimming Pool (better yet, in the Ocean) or maybe even the cli-che'd on a hot-air balloon!

    So many possibilities...


  9. lol
    few of those are same fantasies with mine

    btw, public restroom is not a nice plc to hoo-haa
    gents's one, dirty+smelly = off mood
    ladies one, less dirty but still zz

    anyway, nice 10places except for the barn .. lol
    grassy causes itchy all over the body

  10. Tried the one in the guard house??

    heh heh heh?
    azrin @ www.azrin.net

  11. places I've done it:

    GFs childhood bedroom

    Hot Tub (at a hot tub establishment)

    On the ground between bushes and a church.

    Under the bleachers

    In the middle of the street.

  12. haha HOLLY jean is talking about favourite sex spots,ironically. whaha.
    anyway tat was a sincere confession lol.
    attention-grabbing and spontaneous approach.how cool haha.
    nex time attach some photos, i think it will multiply the viewers rate lol.

  13. Anonymous6:19 am

    Very interesting topic :)

  14. Very indeed creative post XD XD XD

  15. hey guys thanks for your comments. ruinko.. why ironic???

    Cyren... well.. african safari sex wld be great I guess.. out in the wilderness. But i don't like ocean, tub or pool sex. the reason i prefer boring old shower sex is tht it feels better! water feels great. But being submerged in water while having sex, for instance in a pool, isn't so great. Good for a real quickie, but the water really washes away all the lubricant/wetness, and makes sex a bit squeakey dry type feeling, not great.

  16. Good and "nice" way to get higher traffic..SEX sells...

  17. Anonymous10:54 am

    I would really like to try on a raining day (or night) on the top of building. it should almost same feeling as shower, just better. lol! should try sometimes.

  18. Anonymous10:59 am

    although i am a big fan of BJ, but BJs on the go is kind of things that i don't want to try. hahaha! cannot be too crazy girl! anyway, i think fuck on the chair is better than on the bed, with BJ of cos. lol! by the way, ur best place is #10 or #1?

  19. my BEST is number 1.. and i've not done this nuimber 1 yet.. i want it to be extra special :D

  20. Anonymous1:23 pm

    In the library? O_O

  21. Anonymous6:11 pm

    wah....did u tried all yrself? or imagine? but brave to do it in library ....if......

  22. nope..only some.... have not completed them all...

  23. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Geez...i was supposed to do my internet research on civil disobedience and political apathy in Singapore.

    Now i'm brain-f***ed.

  24. I think I agree on the library. Somehow it ties into those sexually frustrated teenage years.

  25. Anonymous4:39 am

    Office is really good place, especially like mine -- all glass walls. haha! and, anyone here likes to do it under camera?

  26. Anonymous2:41 am

    haha this is one saucy post! i think you prettier w/o the fringe.....

  27. Anonymous5:52 pm

    And this happens to be the first ever post I read in your blog!

    Hahaha. Enjoyed the post. And I need to read more of your posts, and see whether first impressions will last. :p

  28. Anonymous12:17 am

    Shower gel not recommanded. Once it enters your vagina, it hurts like mad.

    I love to do it in air-conditioned place, like office, lecture halls and like you said, library. But library is the most dangerous. When you get caught, its a minimum of a few months jail.

  29. Mr Black.... :) not all shower gels hurt... how do u think we wash that area in the first place?? ha...

    non-perfumed, non cheapo gels would be fine.. point to note, if it stings that area during your normal showers then you probably dont want to use it for a couple shower.

    also, i've never like lubed up a man with shower gel.. it never made sense to me :( ok,... getting too elaborate here. BYe.

  30. Oooo... now ive a better idea where to do it when im horny... :P

    nice blog u have...



  31. Anonymous4:35 am

    Lol... Hi... I'm ElviraBlacklace from stomp. Lol....

    Funny post.. Haha!

    My husband actually took away my virginity in the shower. When I forgot to lock the bathroom door in the hotel. Lol...

    Then after that continued the action on the bed. Lol......

  32. Anonymous7:31 am

    Jean, can you tell which one have you done?

  33. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Wow, I never did but would love to with you, WHEVER IT IS (: LOL

  34. Anonymous3:16 pm

    interesting post, hope to see more of these post. hehe. i guess my fav spot is still having a nice bath together, and then head to the bed


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