Brazilian Wax

OK... I've been waxing for almost half a decade now... and I've never looked back since the first time I did it. Much like contact lenses instead of glasses, and rebonded straight hair instead of curly hair, the brazilian wax is something I will never regret doing.

What is it?
Originated in Brazil... blah blah blah... many people have different definitions... but to me, a brazilian is when you take it all off down there.

Yes, you will have to take you panties off. But there's nothing to be shy about. And they have a little skirt thingy or a robe for you.

Why Do I Like It?
I started out shaving, so when I had my first wax I loved how it was smooth like a baby. Regrowth is also not as annoying as the stuble from shaving. And it grows back finer and slower if you do it regularly. However, this only started happening like a year after having mothly waxes. So you have to be patient.

Sexually, I find myself more attractive because of it. And my boyfriends in the past loved it too.

Does it Hurt?
Yes of course it does.

What?? You want me to lie?

They say that it's most painful just before your period. I usually go just after my period anyway.

But let's put the pain in perspective it a tiny prick of a needle type pain? No it's not that acute. It's a fast flash type of pain. It doesn't linger on, you;re not going to be walking around sore or anything like that.

If I compare tattooing to Brazilian Wax, I'd say my tattoo was more painful because it went on for a couple of hours. The great thing about the brazilian.. is that it is FAST! Just brace yourself... and swwwshh she rips it off. You only have to endure this for about 6 rips ( including the butt crack). Each rip stings for only about 2 seconds...

If you're doing it the first time, half way through you're probably going to think "God.. I'm never doing this again!" But when it's over, you're going to be so pleased with the results, that you'll forget about what you said.

After that... it's pretty much no sweat, because the more often you do it, the less hair you will have and it's finer too, so it doesn't hurt ... as much.

Quick Review of Wax Places I've tried in Singapore

1. HoneyPot
@ NgeeAnnCity

Price- For an all off Brazilian Wax, they call it the "Hollywood" and charge $68.

Quality - Clean job.

PROS- It's a very pretty place :)

CONS- $68 is quite steep compared to all the other places.

Holly Jean's Verdict- HoneyPot is like a fluffy pink boudoir of a wax place.

2. Strip

Price- I pay $60 plus here, even though the wax itself is like $40 plus... This is because they have GST and they always pester me to add on stuff like this serum thingy which will soothe the area or something... frankly, I feel no difference. But pay 10 bucks for it anyway.

Quality- Fast Job... I step in and I'm out in 10 minutes!

PROS- There are 8 outlets, and quite a few therapists in each, so if you're not fussy and will take anyone who's available, then appointments are easy to make. The ambiance of the place is nice too.

CONS- So far I've been there three times, and all three times, I was pestered to buy their "package" and Sothy's (I think it was this brand) products for aftercare. And the therapist will keep talking about the package throughout the wax session... here I am trying to bloody look up at the ceiling and relax, but she just keeps hard selling. It gets tiring to have to be subjected to the same sales pitch every damn session!

Holly Jean's Verdict: This is like the Fast Food Joint of Wax places. Very "packaged", there's a Mass Marketing Type feeling... not personal. I only resort to it if I can't get in anywhere else last minute.

3. Suvin's
@MidPoint Orchard

Price- I can't remember, I think it was about $50.

Quality- It's a gamble?

PROS- Not sure...Well, the first time I went, they did such a good, clean, smooth job.

CONS- So I went back the following month, same therapist, but wax was extra hot! And to my horror, later in the day, I looked down, and I looked butchered! No kidding. Red raw patches. [By the way, I healed super fast by using vitamin E oil on the area.] Never went back there again after that. But I do have sensitive skin.. so maybe not their fault....

Another con is that the place looks like a clinic, so cold and harsh white.

Holly Jean's Verdict: This is the Dodgy Clinic of Wax places.

4. Rupini's
@MidPoint Orchard and @ Little India

Price- $35

Quality- Not very thorough job

PROS- Cheapest so far. I go there most often.

CONS- Gets crowded and hard to get last minute appointment on weekends. They are also not consistent. For the same price, some therapists wax the butt crack as well, yet some others don't. hmmm.... And I always find stray hairs, very visible ones....

Holly Jean's Verdict: It's Cheap! What more do you want?

5. ViVian at BeautyBox
@Centerpoint, inside HairInn (ages ago, not sure if she's still there)

Price- $50 for first timer, $35 for regulars

Quality- Meticulous, she takes 15 to 20 minutes.

PROS- I did my very first Wax with her over 4 years ago. Went back regularly for about a year. I was a regular because she is very friendly and has good rapport with customers.

CONS- Then one day I could not squeeze a last minute appointment in and so I tried another place and realised that, bloody hell, she was doing it more painfully than others! But she is meticulous, will get down to tweezing hairs out as well.
Holly Jean's Verdict: Vivian is the Friend of Wax Places. Good for first timers as she'll talk you through it.

6. Self Waxing
They say hard wax, even though it's costlier than the normal sugar wax, is less painful.

So I bought myself this tub of hardwax a year ago... and almost gave myself a heart attack.

After I put the wax on, and it hardened after a few minutes, I yank part of it off.. and it fucking hurt so much that my arm went soft and I could not pull the rest off.

I made the stupid mistake of putting the wax on a large area and now it was stuck! With sugar wax, it's soluble so you can wash it off but hard wax is just a solid lump! So, i had to get a pair of scissors and snip the wax off as close to the root as possible. Horrendous experience. Don't Try it at home.

I mean it!

Which place is the best for you? Well, every one of them has their pros and cons. Go according to your budget and preferences. I think Honeypot and Rupini's are better choices. Ok. Hope that was helpful girls (and boys?).


  1. Anonymous9:57 am

    Interesting and, uhm, "educational" post. :-p

    But I haven't heard of wax places here in the Philippines though. Or maybe girls know but i don't. Will direct my girlfriend to your post. hehehe

  2. Heyy! thanks alot for the information! it was really really helpful :D Likewise, i'll direct my girlfriends to your post too! thanks so much again :D

  3. hehehe.

    You said butt crack.

  4. Anonymous10:26 am

    i searched on 88db, they have cheap ones like $15 or $28 for first trial. here's one below.

    Now for first trial babe brazilian only $28 nett . We provide service like Waxing ,Facial , nails , body website.

    would you be trying it?

  5. there's actually one (from a facebook link) tht charges $15 for 1st timers. But it's in Eunos, so I am not sure abt convenience...

    will check out your site. are you interested in an advertorial/service exchange perhaps?

  6. Anonymous8:16 pm

    Hi may i know the address of the waxing at Eunos? Thank you :)

  7. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Wow.. is there any need to trim the hairs beforehand the first time u go?

  8. Been going for regualr waxing too. You should try pink palour. The sallonist is proffessional and gave quality result. You can shower first before your wax which is a bonus if you have been running around the whole day or just came back from work. Price was 62. A bit pricey but worth the service. Booking in advance give you 20% off. My mistake in waxing is when I went to Rupinis at Holland V. Had to wait for 15 mins? My tolerance for pain is high but that particular exprience was the worst. My pubic area were so red and there is still visible hair sticking out. The PCR lady insisted on me getting their package. I would never come back. Price 54.


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