Birthday Cake, Mega Drunken Hang Over and Naked Pictures

Here's an update of my birthday weekend.

Friday evening
- I always have birthday cake with candles no matter how old I am. Can't tell you what I wished for, otherwise it might not come true!
- Seafood at East Coast with family and Cookie Monster. (hey! it's her birthday too!)
Friday night
- Ben picked me up after seafood. We didn't do much.. because poor Ben is ill :( . But look at my pretty pink ipod he got me... pretty pretty pretty... even though it's still in the box and I don't know how to use it yet. (Yes.. I am like that!)
Saturday Daytime
- I actually had classes.
Saturday Night
- I dressed like a tramp (non-intentional... I just really wanted to wear my corset top, haven't had a chance to wear it since I bought it months ago) and got pissed drunk at St James.
Sunday Morning
- Woke up at 10 am feeling so sick. Hung over. In my drunken madness, I had lost a few things... like my cards and money! I must have droppped them in the taxi ride home. Had to postpone my morning appointment for an artistic nude shoot.
-Not a satisfying night... would have much rather cuddled someone special in bed :( Vowed to lay off alcohol and nights out like that. Overall, way past that phase. Last time I got drunk was New Year's Eve.. 2 years ago!
Sunday Afternoon
- Showed up for the shoot, still hung over, tummy woozy and really dehydrated :( Luckily I stopped feeling hung over halfway through the shoot. All was well!
And I can finally tick this off my 100 Things-To-Do-Before-I-Die list. And what better way to commemorate my birthday and new phase in life then with some really nice artsy photographs which will capture and preserve my being at this very phase of my life. [minus the hang over]
I don't have the finally collection yet. The photographer will select about 20 final shots to be put into a collection. I'm really looking forward to that.
The pictures are not of an erotic nature at all. I was aiming for a fresh and pure look... not burlesque or hustler quality. So we took simple shots which bring out the liberation and beauty of the feminine body. Soft and grainy type finshes, part of the collection in black and white, part in vibrant colour. Yay!
(P/s- Don't email me if you're some amateur photographer who thinks it'll be cool to take pictures of naked women for free, or women in underwear under the pretext that it's "sensual" photograpy...... I'm not interested. The photographer who took the artistic shots on Sunday is a trusted friend of mine, so it made a great birthday present to me. Unless you have some interesting concept, which is cool... then I might be keen in trying it out.)

I'll upload pictures on my blog once I get them. But of course, the photographs which show nipples or pussy will NOT be uploaded. So don't hold your breath! I don't want to get in trouble. I think it's illegal anyway... even if it's not of pornographic nature.

Next, I'd like to do couple nude shots, of the same artistic nature. But I guess that has to wait until I am actually in a couple with someone. I don't want to have such intimate shots done with someone who's just phasing through my life, and then all I'm left with are the photographs. :(
So... that was basically how I spent my Birthday weekend :)


  1. O_O||| U actually took artistic nude photo of yourself as your birthday present? salute you for that~

  2. Thats an interesting birthday present!

    And yes I think its pretty illegal to upload nude pictures of yourself. You never know where it might end up at. Lol..

    Btw did you get my email?

  3. Happy birthday, I think I wished you in my blog adi lol.

  4. the way you celebrate your birthday is really different..

  5. ^^^...Understatement

  6. Anonymous5:02 pm

    found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later


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