Random Update


Ok, I promised I'd give you something of substance... but I can't deliver that... yet.
You see, I actually wanted to do a post on my romp around Sentosa last Thursday but I have yet to receive the photos from the shoot. Blogger Matthew engaged Sentosa to kindly sponsor admission to many of its attractions, in return for a blog review and free publicity on our blogs. Since he's already working on the actual review, I think I'll just have a fun photo montage on my blog instead of a write up. Not sure exactly how I'll go about blogging about it...We'll see.

This Thursday I have a free nail acrylic and manicure session, and yes I have to blog about it. I guess this is one of the perks of being a blogger... free stuff :) Look out for that post.. hopefully Thursday night when I get back from the 7.30 session I scheduled with them.
I'm actually VERY exhausted now, just got back from Sentosa's KM8... I cannot tell you what exactly I was doing there yet (you'll have to wait to find out)... but I can tell you I got bloody sun burnt! Look at my new tan lines!!! My chest is so red it hurts! :(


  1. Anonymous9:49 pm

    where did u get tht top? did u sew it too?

  2. Anonymous12:06 am

    Nice big - as Shaggy would say...
    "girl you extra sexy like whoa!"

  3. lol. get a better sunblock or something :S

  4. "Nice big" what T??

    I sure as hell don't have big tits.. lol.. so were you refering to something else?

    when you come to SG I'll bring you to KM8 and of course.. my fav.. Del Mar.. (unless I have a BF or someone who wants to date exclusively by then ... haha.)


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