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Qian Zu Ge is a wellness sanctuary. And quite frankly, when I heard the Chinese name which I could not even pronounce, I thought I'd be stepping in to a tacky Cheena place where people don't speak English.

I was pleasantly surprised though. The minute I stepped in, I was overwhelmed by the calmness and stillness of the place. Everything about it was just sooo soothing. The lightings were nice and dim, there's sound of trickling water, the light smell of aromatic tea wafting through the hallways, and the staff were not only well versed, but also very polite and attentive, all to ensure that you get a wonderful holistic experience at Qian Zu Ge.

They do massages, facials, and they have a host of wonderful nail services- from manicures, pedicures to nail extensions and sculpturing!
I think I shall have this periwinkle design done when I get my extensions done in a few weeks time.
Initially, I had planned to get nail extensions done, but due to some external factors, it would not have been feasible to get it done at that point in time. So instead, I had just a manicure and nail art. That picture above is of the crystals on my tiny nails. I'm SO going to have entensions done there soon!!! I'm so fed up of my tiny nails. (oh and by the way, that picture was taken at my Dad's birthday dinner which I went to, after Qian Zu Ge....)

This picture below is of a pretty new friend I made while I was there...She had extensions done and nail art of pretty flowers. (argh... my tan lines from Sentosa last week hasn't disappeared yet)

I'd like to thank Fr3b and Qian Zu Ge for this opportunity. Hope to work with them again in the future.
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FREE for my Blog Readers:

The 1st 20 blog readers will be entitled to a $30 voucher from Qian Zu Ge, which they can use to get their Nail Extensions done! Valid until 17th September 2008 only.


All you have to do is call Qian Zu Ge at 62510055 and tell them the promotion code (which is my name): HOLLYJEAN

(I had a girl named Ivy do my nails there... go for her.. she's GOOOOD!!!)



  1. I want a free treatment for my birthday!!! Can any1 help me make a call??? T_T

  2. Anonymous4:26 pm

    yaay! I'm going there to get mine done next week. Thanks girl!


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