Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Life is difficult but life is good. I've just spent the last couple of hours disinfecting cookie's play pen, my bedroom floor, my sheets, her toys and dog bed.

My baby girl just went in for surgery this morning. She'll be discharged at 5 pm later, so I'll have to go down to pick her up. I decided to get her spayed, it's better for her health in terms of cancer risks. You don't want to know how much this surgery is freaking costing me altogether.

Last night, I decided to take her along on my date with Ben (first date, that's why you've never heard of him). We had a little walk down Changi's Board Walk, and then had a beer at the sailing club. As usual, C0ookie Monster barely walked ten metres... so we had to carry her. I put her in my diaper bag, and like now she's 8Kgs! So Ben graciously offered to carry her. His arm barely fit in the loops of my bag. I'm quite impressed, a lot of men's egos wouldn't be able to stomach carrying a girly bag... plus a fat pug inside!!

Then he dropped me off at Charlie's where part 2 of my evening involved dinner with my family. It was my brother Wesley's birthday. I love Charlie's... been going there ever since I was a kid. They have real good beer.

This happened to also be Cookie's last meal for a while, because I was instructed by the vet to cut off all food and fluids from 10 pm onwards. Poor girl must be so hungry by now... but then again she wouldn't feel a thing because she's sedated.

You know how they say dogs and owners take after each other and start behaving or looking similar? Well, I can already tell you we're both greedy for food and affection. But are we strangely starting to look like each other????

It's already 2pm.. only 3 hours to go.

But just to make myself feel better, I prepared her favourite Turkey and Lamb meal for dinner. (By prepared... I essentially mean I opened 2 Caesar's foil packs, put content in Cookie's bowl and popped it in the fridge. I'm going to make a great mom one day aren't I?! *Alarmed Face*)


  1. Anonymous3:27 pm

    Hiyii, im glad tht you have done it and cookie will be just fine.... I know it is hard at the beginning to have made such decision..... Glad tht u did it and all the best to u and cookie!!

  2. Anonymous10:41 pm

    u'll b n ok momma one day. no worry!


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