Everything's Going To Be Okay

Cookie's going to be ok. She needs to keep this funnel collar on for 2 weeks, she peed on my bed twice last night, she jumps when I try to apply the cream on her stitches, and I think she's starting to associate me with pain. But you know what? She healing, she's eating, she's my Cookie Monster. Everything's going to be okay!

Trip home from the Vet. She could not fully fit in my pink bag because of the plastic funnel thingy around her head ( to keep her from licking or biting stitches on tummy). Luckily the Taxi driver didn't mind having us in his car.


  1. Anonymous11:42 am

    I had my mini shnauzer spayed too about 3 years ago. On the first day after the surgery, she was alittle bit 'stoned' and restless cos of the sedation. But after that, she will be fine as per normal, jumping and running around everywhere.

    So, no worries. You cookie monster will be fine soon and back to the old 'monster' she used to be :)

  2. Anonymous1:58 pm

    Oh Cookie monster & get well soon!! :)

  3. Its better for your dog you know, spaying them :)

    Less chances of cancer and unwanted pupppies.

    At any rate, my Buffy and Blossom both got spayed and they were fine and everything. I didn't even have to apply medicine to the wound or stitches or anything...they were like sluggish for the first day but were ok after that.

    The stitches kinda fall out on their own after a bit.

    But of course I toilet trained them before spaying so there was no problem with peeing on the bed.

  4. Hey! i heard that dogs heal fast from wounds and cuts :D so no worries for your darling! i believe she'll go back to munching lots of food and jumping around soon ^^ and YES, you two look alikeeee XD

    with loves,

  5. Anonymous12:21 am

    thnx everyone for your comments.

    You girls are right about dogs healing fast.. today she started jumping around already.

    Cyren... Cookie is toilet trained. But the first night I took her home, she didn't move around much. And she peed on my bed.. i guess she could not jump off in time to go to the pee tray in the kitchen.

  6. awww poor baby...i feel like smacking her head. hahahWAKE UP!

  7. Kris.. smack her head>??? that's mean man!


    she's A-OK now though :)


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