Singapore: The Disneyland of Girls

A friend from the US is coming down to singapore to work soon. And I was telling him how much he will enjoy it... all the new expats who come here find themselves in a Disneyland of Girls. This phenomena however, causes many expats to become idiots and assholes.

No more being in a club full of fat chicks with beer guts, walk down the street and like almost every girl you see in slim and 'attractive' (ok, i put it in inverted commas because I know this is subjective). But there's no doubting that the average Singaporean girl is NOT fat.

In fact, according to , out of 194 countries in the world, Singapore ranked 162 on the Fat People Scale. Now, that's on the same page as India, Ethiopia, Somalia and other 3rd world countries where there is poverty and no food! But in Singapore, we can afford so many luxuries, yet we didn't just let ourselves get obese. THAT says a lot about us. *beaming with pride*

Japan is one notch better than us at 163. And the least Fatso country in the world is Eritrea [So skinny, I've never even heard of them... googled it, it's in Africa]

America is number 9. New Zealand is 17. Australia is 21. UK is 28. What's your excuse for getting this way? Singapore has McDonald's too you know. SHAME ON YOU!!!

Fattest country in the world.. *drumroll* is Nauru [must be some genetic blubber survival reserve type polynesian island]


What my dear friend will find in time though, is that the average Singaporean girl, in all her glorified skinnyness, is also very materialistic. That's another thing girls in my country are known for. But that's another post for another day. :)


  1. I think that website hasn't been updated in a few years because now Australia is officially the fattest country???

    AND from what I heard recently the fat people scale in SG has went up.

  2. That was August 2007. The 2008 stats shld be out soon then... I wld be surprised if Australia moves up so many notches on the fat scale to number 1.. within a year!!

  3. I also find Singapore not many fat guys. Maybe it's because of NS.

  4. Sometimes I feel there is WAY too much importance on staying skinny. I remember how some of my Singaporean friends approach food - always counting calories. But I think its a SE Asian thing to do that...

  5. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Your first paragraph is absolutely right on the money.


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