Excuses Excuses

Ok... I know my 5inch scar vs 5inch cunt post is long overdue... and I have not posted anything in days!

I've seriously been busy.

I really need to stop meeting and dating new people now... because I've met some very great men. And if I don't stop adding new people to this equation, I will be jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Some people I'm getting really fond of quite quickly and vice versa. And if I don't make a decision soon, I just feel like I'm going to get burnt or burn others in the process. Last thing I want is to hurt anyone.

I need to get to know the present people better and filter. FILTER. FILTER. And make a decision. But how can I make such an important decision without knowing people better first?? [Hope I don't end up finally choosing one who doesn't actually want to progress and be exclusive... then I'll have another disappearing man on my hands]. Gah!

This dating game has really tired me out. I've met quite a few great men. And, I'm getting rather confused. I wish people would just say what they're thinking. The world would be a much simpler place.


  1. Anonymous10:40 am

    Sorry to be a pessimist, but this post doesn't inspire much confidence that you're going to finally make the right decision.

    Why? Well, it still sounds like you're treating this whole process as a formulaic 'task' or 'assignment', in much the same way as someone might decide on a new washing machine or new phone.

    It shouldn't be so.

    Reason and logic matter of course. In fact, most guys would agree that it's good to see you are at least trying to apply a healthy amount of logic and sound judgement to this decision. But logic & reason will only get you part of the way. Gut instinct, intuition, and (dare I say it) emotions should matter more when deciding who you want to continue dating.

    Indeed, I wonder if you have learnt anything from all the great feedback you've received from people on this site? It still sounds like the 'same old Holly' in this post... doomed to over-engineer a decision, and weigh extra-ordinary expectations on whichever poor chap you eventually choose.

    Heaven help him.

  2. Thank you for that.

    I know I've been getting so much good advice from my readers. But being Holly Jean is a hard habit to break.

    Yes..Heaven Help Him indeed.

    :) ha..

    but no.. seriously, I am only like this when I'm unsettled, and I have decisions to make. I trust in logic and sense. I know it hasn't always been right... but hey.. I've tried using good ol' intuition before, and that didn't work either!

    The reason why I want to pick one... with some sort of urgency.. is that I don't enjoy just going out with many men... even if it's non-sexual. I still feel like I'm cheating... you know?

    And once I pick one, the great thing abt me is i really put my heart and soul into it. ask my ex, (Skye, you there?) I was a dedicated and loyal girlfriend.

    So just because my process of getting there (meaning picking one)is a bit wonked... doesn't mean that when I finally get there.. it's going to be shit for him or myself. :)


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